Your Body Is Talking

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Stop! Don’t move. FREEZE in your current position. At this very moment, your body is talking!

You are sitting in a physical position that is either anchored in strength or slumped in a state of lethargy or weakness. Your body language speaks volumes about your confidence and certainty in how you communicate with others and the power of how you attack your goals.

Here are three things to consider when evaluating how you come across to others:

1. Thoughts produce things.

Whether it’s Bubba Watson, taking aim on a championship putt or a CEO negotiating on behalf of his company, victories are first won in the mind of the player before they are ever won on the green or in the boardroom. How you think determines how you come across to others physically AND professionally. You will either win or lose in your mind before you ever win or lose in life.

Did you know that your thoughts are reflected in the way you stand, sit and your overall body language? A closed off, small, or slumped body posture speaks of weakness and insecurity. An open or upright stature, however, speaks of confidence, truth and strength. If you are “thinking” loss, your brain will match the thought with chemical reactions that affect your physical body. Good news, however, is you can control your thoughts and thus, control your outcomes.

2. Words are POWERFUL.

99.9% of your perceptions are based upon what you have planted inside of your mind. Your thoughts are reflected by the words you say and the meditations of your heart. Ultimately, you can make or break your goals by what you think and what you say. Scripture tells us in Proverbs 18:21 that, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Make certain that you are saying what you WANT to see because you will eventually see what you are saying.

3. Your Body Is Always Talking

Have you ever been in the situation when someone was talking to you but you really didn’t believe what they were saying? Did you have a sense that something didn’t quite feel right in what they were telling you? Perhaps their words were saying “Yes”, but their body was saying “No”. This is called non-verbal communication and it comes through the messages you convey through your body.

Each day, consciously be aware of your thoughts, words and physiology to ensure that they are pointing you in the direction of your goals.

About the Author Staci Wallace

As a highly sought after speaker, author and thought leader Staci Wallace speaks about how true transformational change happens in the marketplace and enables leaders to become the catalyst of organizational and personal change desperately needed today. With over 10 years in Executive Corporate Leadership, 15 in global ministry and 29 years in raising networks into the hundreds of thousands in direct sales, Staci's is known for her show, Warrior DNA, where she teaches leadership principles that demand a higher standard of excellence.  Her distinctions in business success have enabled her to share the stage with five U.S. Presidents, Zig Ziglar, pro-athletes, and many other high profile leaders of this generation.

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