Winning at Work & Life

"To live a life of balanced success is the key to long-term health, wealth, and happiness."
– Staci Wallace

A team of 14 high net worth business professionals, who happened to be women at the top of their fields, gathered in a closed session seminar while Staci helped them identify how to move from success to significance. Each leader, though brilliantly successful, were admittedly missing a deep connect with their family, struggling in relationships, and many were suffering with ill health. Eight of the fourteen were going through divorce and an obvious need for balance was seen in all.  While the ever increasing desire for success permeates the marketplace, an underlying need for greater balance has emerged in the hearts of all leaders.

To live a life of professional success without life balance is a roadmap to destruction. In this life empowering seminar, Staci takes you through a deep evaluation of what matters most in life and helps you identify core values that guide you in the journey of establishing personal and professional goals that lead to the life of your dreams.

The session "Connecting The Dots" is undoubtedly the most riveting, eye-opening, life empowering session in this seminar. By helping you identify providential events of your past, Staci will help you clarify God's plan and purpose for your present and future effectiveness.

"WINNING AT WORK AND LIFE" is a solution to meet the following goals:
  • Identify and clarify your personal and professional goals
  • Learn the art of saying "no" to nonessentials
  • Learn to live every moment "on purpose, with passion"
  • Live a core value based life
  • Become intentional with every moment
  • Identify weak links and areas of personal challenge
  • Write out a "transaction" timeline
  • Decode your life's transactions to identify your life's purpose
  • Allow past failures and victories to become clues to a powerful future
  • Embrace change as a catalyst for future growth
  • Develop a life plan that leads to greater balance at home and work.