Viva La Revolución


After 2 months of silence and intentional “stealth” mode, I am excited to announce that A NEW SEASON has begun in my life that is about to change EVERYTHING.

We have moved to Bellevue, Washington to launch a new company that will change the landscape of the world of social connections as we know it.

As of ONE hour ago, we opened the pre-launch system for people to begin securing their place in the foundation of our new company.  This is truly an epic moment for our family as we know Solavei, our new company, will bring about monumental change in America and revolutionize commerce as we know it.

I sit here thinking of the 24 years of business preparation for “such a time as this” and then reflect on my father’s final wish that our family unite to do something that has never been done before that will impact the world.

That time is NOW and the THOUSANDS of requests to participate are being loaded into the “LANE”, our pre-launch system.

The company is called Solavei… will be viral……you will benefit…..


To be a part of our team and position yourself at the foundation of our company, email: or Direct Message me at   I will give you more information at that time and you will see why we are having to keep the information private due to the many industries that will be affected.


Let the revolutionaries unite. Let the revolution begin!



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