ZOMM Mom Dreams Big!

The Power of A Dream

Have you ever had a lightbulb “ah-ha” moment where you think, “wouldn’t it be great if someone could create…..”

In a moment’s flash, a thought is given birth to what “could be”. That is the power of a dream. Unfortunately, most people never allow the seed of what “could be” to take root in their consciousness with a clear belief of its possiblities.

That is certainly NOT the case for Laurie Penix, a mom of three kids and wife who has never let the boundaries of impossibilities stop her from taking risks in her dreams.

What started as a “treadmill induced epiphany” for Laurie, moved quickly from concept to reality in only six months. While trekking away on her treadmill, Laurie received a call from a friend telling her about her husband’s frequent cell phone loss rate.

After hanging up the phone, a circumstance or need gave birth to an idea, a concept, a dream of what “should be”. Laurie said to herself, “Someone should create a devise so that none of us would ever lose our phone again.”

The Dream Is Conceived

Stepping off the treadmill of creativity, Laurie bolted into the office of her entrepreneurial husband and shared her idea. The two brainstormed and as they did, the dream became a passionate desire to do something to fill the need.

The Passion Breeds Purpose

As their thoughts continued and synergies united, the passion for what could be and should be became a moral imperative of what MUST be. “Too many families are losing phones and losing money and time in the process.” As more ideas flooded they thought of higher purposes for such an idea being birthed, including its potential to be a safety device, an emergency alert system, and even a call notification unit for people, (like us women), who can’t get to our phones fast enough (due to mounds of STUFF in our purses) to answer our calls.

The Power of Executing A Plan

Laurie and her husband, Henry, quickly went to action securing a team of industry leaders willing to believe in the dream of this revolutionary idea. What started as a dream is now a HUGE REALITY!

ZOMM, which stands for Zachary, Olivia and Madison’s Mom, is the first wireless leash for mobile phones EVER. Brought to life at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2010 in Las Vegas, ZOMM connects to any Bluetooth-enabled phone. As you walk away from your phone, your ZOMM, which is attached to your keys or purse will start to blink, then vibrate and ultimately sound an alarm notifying you to turn around and retrieve your phone immediately. It is that simple.

For most of us, just the thought of knowing we won’t lose our phones would make this an amazing product, but it gets even better. They also added call notification with a speakerphone. If your phone is out of reach in a purse or gym bag, you can retrieve incoming calls simply by pressing the button on your ZOMM to answer it, or send the call straight to voicemail by pressing the button twice. As a fully functioning speakerphone, you can talk directly into the ZOMM.

They also added a personal security feature. Press and hold the button to sound an ear piercing panic alarm. And if you continue to feel threatened or need emergency assistance, continue holding the button to call 911. Without ever touching your phone, your ZOMM will dial emergency assistance from anywhere in the world.

“Developing a feature rich product was one objective, but making it user-friendly and easy to use was the key priority,” added Henry. “We wanted a device that could be used by all ages.” And ZOMM delivered just that. It is easy and comfortable to use. And not only easy to use, this innovative idea received the “Best of Innovations” award from the Consumer Electronics Association. “The award was confirmation that this was a great idea,” Laurie said.

Zomm is now taking pre-order sales to get into the hands of friends and family. A short supply of ZOMMs are available at ZOMM.com. Expected to hit retail stores by the Summer with the current target price of $79.99.

From dream to reality, let Laurie’s story elevate your thinking to believe that a dream, no matter how big or small, can be brought to life with passion, purpose, and a plan that is executed upon well.

Congratulations to this ordinary mom who took a chance on an EXTRA-ORDINARY idea!

To check out more about Laurie, the ZOMM, or to order yours today, visit ZOMM.com