Beyond Success Lies SIGNIFICANCE


Today, I am sitting in the beautiful Dominican Republic on the FirstFitness Nutrition’s Dream Vacation.  Twelve of our top Distributors are with me as a result of their achievement in our company.  To our great team of dedicated wellness coaches and business builders, winning a Dream Vacation to … [Read more...]

NOW is the time to LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT!

  A 90 Day Transformation System PROVEN To Get Results That Last!   Kick your New Year Off Looking Great and Feeling Great with the LIFE By Design 90 Day Weight Loss, Wellness & Personal Coaching system. It has proven to help so many of our EMwomen lose 30, 60, and even 150 … [Read more...]

36 pounds in 90 days! Whooo Hooo

UBM angie

Congratulations to Angie G. from California who has now lost 36 pounds in only 90 days on The Ultimate Body Make-Over.   Her life is an example of the power of transformation and duplication as she, now, uses the UBM as a tool to empower others through her wellness business.  GO ANGIE!!!! If you … [Read more...]

Reinvent Your Body… Resurrect Your Dreams!

ubm staci wallace

Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off for good?   If you are like most people, you have tried numerous DIEt programs only to lose weight and put it right back on over time.  Now, with the Ultimate Body Make-over, you can learn WHY you continue to return to old habits and what are the ROOT … [Read more...]