BRANDING 101: Who Are You Wearing?


  Female celebrities can hardly walk the red carpet these days without hearing that one seemingly simple question, coined by Joan Rivers: "Who are you wearing?" In a world where branding has become synonymous with success, we have seen the rise of status fall on the labels we wear, the … [Read more...]

Honor Begets Honor


Are you looking for better relationships, a bigger promotion, more respect from those around you, or more favor in your life?  Perhaps you need to remember....Honor begets honor. In a society that highly focuses on self-gratification, today's message "Honor Begets Honor" could be the key to … [Read more...]

Best Friends


In a transient society where people move often and rarely set deep roots, the value of best friends has changed and so has the definition. What is your definition of a BEST friend?  According to the "Urban Dictionary", Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people … [Read more...]

Do You Have DUMBO Faith?

Faith as small as a feather can make the impossible....possible.

This morning, I was at our Solavei breakfast, celebrating our leaders who have earned their Fast Action Bonus and many who are already earning over $1,000 per month in just 60-90 days, simply by sharing Solavei with others.   During the breakfast, I received a call that my little girl was at home, … [Read more...]

The World’s FIRST Social Commerce Network

Staci Wallace Website Solavei FREE

Learn more at: Staci uses over 27 years of leadership and direct sales coaching experience to lead the #1 Fastest Growing and largest network in the Solavei Social Commerce Revolution. Did you know the #2 biggest bill in most households is the mobile phone bill? Would … [Read more...]

Resurrect Your Greatness – Creating Balanced Success

Staci Wallace Website LIFE

So what's the secret to being able to run a multi-million dollar brand while maintaining a balanced life personally & professionally?   In Staci's 4 CD Series, "Resurrect Your Greatness",  Staci shares insight on how to unleash your greatness, become EVERYTHING God created you to be, and STILL … [Read more...]

Not My Normal Blog Post…..YOU CAN DO THIS!


  There are times in life that we find ourselves looking around saying, "How did I get here?"  "What do I do next?"  Sometimes, it's because of great accomplishments and spoken in a state of gratitude and need for higher direction….other times it's because we are lost and are praying for a … [Read more...]

New Wine….New Wine Skin


There is a scripture that says that you can't put NEW wine into old wine skin. Many people launch out in life wanting to have a fresh start, new beginning, or clean breakaway from old habits. Unfortunately, they have a LOT of "want" to, but their "CAN" do is limited because they are trying to put … [Read more...]