BRANDING 101: Who Are You Wearing?



Female celebrities can hardly walk the red carpet these days without hearing that one seemingly simple question, coined by Joan Rivers: “Who are you wearing?”

In a world where branding has become synonymous with success, we have seen the rise of status fall on the labels we wear, the icons we immolate, the shows we watch and the brands we follow.  But today, I’d like to challenge you to consider a more authentic barometer for success.  The culture we are surrounded by does NOT have the be the culture we live in.

You may work in a stress-filled environment where a dog-eats-dog mentality runs wild.  You may have a job that requires you to listen to negative reports, customer service complaints, or even have to endure tiring conversations with co-workers that  annoy the “tar” out of you.  But although you can’t change the world AROUND you, it IS possible to change the world within you…..and here’s how.

BRAND yourself!  Choose who or what you wear carefully.  Consider your designer and the fabric HE considers most worthy of nobility.

The Message bible tells us in Colossians 3:12-14:   ‘So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.”

So as you go about your busy schedule today.  Consider WHO you are wearing and wear it with confidence!

Honor Begets Honor

Secret Sauce Strategies

Are you looking for better relationships, a bigger promotion, more respect from those around you, or more favor in your life?  Perhaps you need to remember….Honor begets honor.

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In a society that highly focuses on self-gratification, today’s message “Honor Begets Honor” could be the key to unlocking your next level of leadership or promotion.  Just as the scripture teaches us to “give and it shall be given”, so it is true as it relates to giving honor to others.

I love the visual I get when I think of the powerful honor shown in the many ranks of the military.  Whether an officer feels like giving such respect to their commanding officers, it is an expected trait that comes with reward.

To Honor a Person: is to value a person with a fixed value or to highly esteem them by showing preference.

honorNote that honor is not dependent on the behaviors of the other person, but it is a “fixed” value one gives by showing preference to another.  Whether you like someone or not….GIVE them a fixed value of respect if you want to receive equal or greater respect in return.

Giving honor to another is a strategic power move highly understood by leaders, for they know that to get honor, you must first give it away.

Dishonor:  is treating someone as ordinary.

Dishonor is the essence of devaluing another person and is based on a fluctuating scale of emotions or circumstances.

To truly show honor is to give the gift of your respect, not based on how you feel, but what you know is right in the view of respect.

Honor does not wait for one to “deserve” it, but instead it is given due to the honor of the one giving the gift.

The story I share in today’s Secret Sauce Strategy will remind you of the value in GIVING honor as to create a law of attraction so honor comes your way.  Listen now!


Best Friends

Secret Sauce Strategies

In a transient society where people move often and rarely set deep roots, the value of best friends has changed and so has the definition.

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What is your definition of a BEST friend?  According to the “Urban Dictionary”, Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. You will phone them up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up. They give the best hugs in the world!

bffTo me, this seems like a very shallow explanation of what SHOULD be one of the most important relationships in your life.  Should “hugs” really be the determining factor a a best friend?  Just because I think of someone in the morning, doesn’t mean they are BEST for my life and future.  In fact, the reason I think of them could be due to a dysfunctional soul tie.

My definition of BEST friends are those people that empower, equip, inspire and challenge you to be your absolute BEST.  They say what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.  They love deep and forgive often.  But even greater than their closeness is their authenticity to help you fulfill God’s BEST for your life.

Make sure you surround yourself with BEST friends who encourage you to fulfill your God-given potential and never, never give up!


Do You Have DUMBO Faith?

If you have FAITH as small as a tiny FEATHER, anything is possible.

This morning, I was at our Solavei breakfast, celebrating our leaders who have earned their Fast Action Bonus and many who are already earning over $1,000 per month in just 60-90 days, simply by sharing Solavei with others.   During the breakfast, I received a call that my little girl was at home, very sick, emotional, and crying for her Mommy.  Being a bit away from home, there was quite a wait till I made it home.  As sick as she was, it was amazing how much better she felt just by having “Mommy” by her side.  Suddenly, her perspective changed and hope entered her heart that everything would be alright. She got up and said, “Mommy, will you watch Dumbo with me?”

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Staci uses over 27 years of leadership and direct sales coaching experience to lead the #1 Fastest Growing and largest network in the Solavei Social Commerce Revolution.

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Solavei’s CEO and Founder is Staci’s brother, Ryan Wuerch and together, they are determined to see MILLIONS blessed by the Solavei Mission of Generosity. Already over $27 MILLION has been paid to Solavei members and Staci would love to invite you to join her team.  To watch the full video tour go to:

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Want to build a powerful business, grounded on principles that WORK to support THRIVING relationships and sustainability?   Check out this blog and see how Staci uses lessons she learned in her years of playing basketball to help her grow a network of hundreds of thousands of people and an online  & mobile empire.

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Not My Normal Blog Post…..YOU CAN DO THIS!


There are times in life that we find ourselves looking around saying, “How did I get here?”  “What do I do next?”  Sometimes, it’s because of great accomplishments and spoken in a state of gratitude and need for higher direction….other times it’s because we are lost and are praying for a way of escape from life’s challenges.

Today, at 3 am, I found myself asking those same questions.  Sitting in my office, I sat seeking God for guidance on decisions I must make on behalf of tens of thousands of people that look to me for wisdom, leadership, and strength.  I felt led to put on my iTunes and just bask in the presence of God for a moment to still my mind and soul and “wait” on Him.

It didn’t take long before I found myself in tears before my Maker, crying “Abba, Father….I Need You!  I need your wisdom, guidance, and fortitude to lead these people to the place YOU call BEST. Help me – help them.  For in my own strength, I am only another human striving for perfection, trying using my talents to do something great in this world.  But IN YOU, I am an oracle of hope that represents a mandate that requires Your Divine intervention to accomplish the vision before me.  I want to partner with you to create something bigger than myself in this world.  Something bigger than profits, prosperity, or personal accomplishment.  Show me YOUR way and give me the wisdom to lead on YOUR behalf so I might take a generation to a place they’ve never been before and to a life that leads them to LASTING peace and prosperity, even in the midst of uncertainty.”

As I sat in that moment of stillness and tears, a song suddenly came on my computer by Celine Dion.  At first, I moved to turn it off, thinking that it would interrupt  my precious stillness before God.  But then, I listened…..REALLY  listened.   “You were my strength when I was weak….You were my voice when I couldn’t speak….You were my eyes when I couldn’t see….You gave me faith because YOU BELIEVE.”   As I continued to listened, I heard a message from my Father, both heavenly and my Daddy, who passed away 2 years ago speaking into me a word of encouragement that seemed to awaken and fill me with a fresh confidence to step into this upcoming year with the assurance of knowing that when God’s gives us a vision….he will also be the source of provision that brings it to pass.  He will be our strength, even when we feel too small to accomplish the task.

I suddenly realized that I am not alone.   I am not leading this tribe of passionate warriors by myself.  Instead, I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, angels, and the presence of God saying, “YOU CAN DO THIS…..I have created you, prepared you, and molded you FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.   I will send the laborers and leaders that will help you.  You need not worry about the HOW….Just focus on the “WHO” I am placing before you.  You take care of the people….I will take care of the systems and processes needed to make it happen.  You are what you are and have what you have today…..BECAUSE I LOVE YOU and have entrusted you to lead.”

Today, I challenge you to believe in God’s ability to guide you, even when the task seems bigger than your capabilities.  Trust in the fact that you have overcome many obstacles in your life that prepared you for this moment of victory.   Give glory to God and celebrate Him, even in the stillness of your searching for direction.

I pray that you stop today and take time to get the bigger picture of what you are being asked to do in this season of your life.  You are not alone….YOU CAN DO THIS.  You were created, prepared, and molded FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.


Here is the song that I still have on loop, speaking to my heart…..even now.  02 Because You Loved Me


New Wine….New Wine Skin

There is a scripture that says that you can’t put NEW wine into old wine skin. Many people launch out in life wanting to have a fresh start, new beginning, or clean breakaway from old habits. Unfortunately, they have a LOT of “want” to, but their “CAN” do is limited because they are trying to put NEW ideas, NEW concepts, and NEW HOPE into old processes, old companies, and old methods.

As we launch our new company, Solavei, we are making sure that we implement the BEST processes, social graph, tracking systems, corporate leadership, and never-before-seen technology, so that we create an entirely NEW WINE SKIN for the millions of people that will soon become members of the Solavei Revolution. CEO, Ryan Wuerch, who happens to be my brother, is a leader I have watched break barriers since he was just a child. No matter how impossible the feat he was trying to accomplish appeared, or how many people judged his methods, I have watched, firsthand, as God has used this man to revolutionize systems, perspectives, processes, and break records in whatever he has put his heart and hand to do.

Ryan was raised by our father, Ron Wuerch, a pastor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, with the calling to act on behalf of those less fortunate. While the world stands paralyzed by economic challenges, I am confident that the same brother that I fought with as a child, has been raised, equipped, and seasoned “for such a time as this” to help save a nation in distress and create an economic revolution that will make a difference for millions.

When you see the amazing accolades on, you will see that he is no stranger to being able to create tremendous profits for Billion Dollar Giants in the mobile industry. But even with such success comes a deeper desire for something greater. You’ve heard me say it in previous blogs….”BEYOND SUCCESS COMES THE DESIRE FOR SIGNIFICANCE”. Ryan resigned from his last company, Motricity, that he started in the game-room of his house. Why? Because he deeply wanted to do something more than simply pad the pockets of corporate leaders, investors, and the institutions of big business. I personally believe the passing of my father, less than two years ago, inspired an epiphany that moved Ryan to say, “Was this what I have been created for, or is there more?”

Having been raised as missionary kids, we know that we are here to do more than make money and buy toys. We recognize that our extreme talents and leadership abilities must be used to create a NEW way of thinking, innovating, and benefiting the people of the world.

And so….SOLAVEI was born to create an economic revolution that will turn the world upside down as it challenges the processes, mentalities, and methodologies of traditional business today. By creating a new type of Social Media platform, Solavei will begin to do what other Social Media companies, like Facebook, have never done…MOVE THE PROFITS from advertisers into the hands of the people…the network…the ones making the ship stay afloat in the first place.


Be the first and fastest company to put at least a BILLION dollars back into the hands of the people. While Groupon and other companies set their goal to become the FASTEST company to hit a BILLION dollars in sales, SOLAVEI wants to redefine SUCCESS by putting a BILLION dollars back into the hands of its people, the members, who make the world go around.

Stay tuned for more NEW WINE…NEW WINE SKIN as tomorrow I will show you how we are celebrating Solavei by recognizing the achievements of others!