Increase Your Faith – Decrease Myopic Vision

Recently, I met with Jason Smith from Europa International Eyewear as he was “reframing my world” with new Scott Harris eyewear. In the process, Jason told me the definition of a condition of the eyes called Myopia, which is when things that are at a distance seem blurred or unclear.

It made me think of the many people in this world stuck in a rut, living with past hurts, unforgiveness, and feeling incapable of believing that their future is filled with potential possibilities. To have faith means that you believe the best, even when the worst is being displayed. It is putting on spiritual glasses that offer a God-perspective of the future, which makes the details of your past seem to have clarity in the perspective of how it has prepared you for the future. Today, ask yourself, “Is there a hurt, a grudge, or even a past experience that is holding you back from having faith in God’s ability to transform your future and bring your dreams in to reality?” Perhaps a new set of spiritual glasses called FAITH is all you really need.