Staci Goes To College!

Big News At Home And Work!

Staci has accepted the position of Vice President of Corporate Development on Oct. 1, 2010 with FirstFitness, a 21 year old health and wellness corporation dedicated to transforming lives, restoring hope, and fulfilling dreams!  Watch this video!

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Naked In Chicago Airport!

Have you ever had one of those days that left an imprint on your soul as though God, Himself, was the author?  I was traveling back from an event where I was appearing before 20,000 people hungry for success. After my performance, I was rushed straight from the stage to a limo and directly to the airport to catch the last flight out. Fortunately, I only had a carry-on so the check in process would be easy.

I barely made my flight.  As I sat in my seat I thought,”Boy would it have been nice to change out of these stage clothes and into the comfortable sweat suit that’s in my bag.”  My plan was to get to Chicago where I would have an hour layover and change in the bathroom. When I landed in Chicago I went directly to my connecting gate to check in. That is when it happened:

Out of nowhere, I heard intense screaming. I turned and saw a naked woman (and I mean she was TOTALLY naked) running down the terminal screaming, “Oh God, help me! Oh God, help me!”

People were moving out of the way and acting like she was strapped to a bomb. Their faces of horror and shame were obvious.  She just kept running down the terminal getting closer and closer till all of a sudden she dropped on her knees only a few feet in front of me,  threw her hands in the air as if to surrender, and cried out, “Oh God, help me!” [Read more…]

Power Fishing For “Best” Clients

Target Marketing 101:  Power Fishing

Right Pond – Right Bait – Best Clients

Want to elevate your effectiveness no matter what product or service you are promoting?  Want to have an endless reservoir of clients come back for more? Are you ready for a fresh look at your target market?  Let’s go fishing!

Today, while fishing with my kids, I realized that fishing and marketing are very much alike.    Here are 5 keys to elevate your marketing strategy and give you a fresh perspective on who, what, where, when, and how much your marketing campaign should target.   It might even help your fishing game!  :) [Read more…]

Reinvent Your Body… Resurrect Your Dreams!

Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off for good?   If you are like most people, you have tried numerous DIEt programs only to lose weight and put it right back on over time.  Now, with the Ultimate Body Make-over, you can learn WHY you continue to return to old habits and what are the ROOT causes behind your physical challenges.  The Ultimate Body Make-over targets so much MORE than nutrition and exercise as it focusses deeper into your emotions, spirit, and the limiting belief systems that have sabotaged your success. Click here to learn more.

Mark Your Calendar!

Join Staci Wallace and other keynote speakers and leaders for a weekend of transformation, ledership development, health and wellness coaching, Smart Money class, as well as a speaker’s training to help you become a more effective communicator, trainer, and influencer in your chosen field of passion.  Learn to live out  your Divine Mandate and maximize your life Spirit, Soul, and Body.   First 100 to register will receive a FREE gift upon arrival and be invited to a private lunch with Staci Wallace where she will sing and share deeper truths to living a life of passion, purpose, and productivity.  Click here to register.

Reinvent Your Life With Asparagus?

Did you know that asparagus is highly alkaline and could be a power food in your passion for wellness? It is commonly known that the key to avoiding disease is to maintain a PH balance in your body that is alkaline and not acidic. Cancer, for example, only grows when the environment of the body is acidic, providing an incubator for the growth of tumors. If, however, the environment of the body is alkaline, it is nearly impossible for harmful cancer cells to grow.

So how do you move from acidic to alkaline? For a full list of “best foods and liquids” to improve your body’s PH, I encourage you to take The Ultimate Body Make-over Wellness Program. To get you started, why not begin with “Asparagus Therapy”?

Dead, processed, man-made foods and sugary drinks are HIGHLY ACIDIC. Instead of pouring processed, chemically enduced foods (sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies who make money off of your sickness), tap into the life giving power of God-made vegetables, such as ASPARAGUS. The FDA can’t stop you from taking it, pharmaceutical companies can’t charge you an arm and leg for it’s beneficial powers, and yet it is PROVEN to make a difference.

Check out these testimonies: [Read more…]

Lift The Lid And Do It Now!

Do you tend to procrastinate on things you KNOW should be done today? Staci parallels the process of replacing her roof with the ACTION necessary to build great relationships, stronger businesses, and increased profits!