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BE-DO-HAVE…..Everyone wants to DO leadership, but very few people take time to BECOME leaders worth following.

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Be-Do-Have is a lesson taught by one of my greatest mentors and friends, Zig Ziglar.  He and his family played a very important role in my life as a keynote speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur.  For over 12 years, I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Mr. Ziglar and other world leaders, but there was never ANYONE more proven as a leader than “Zig”.

Mr. Ziglar was such a powerful man on stage, however, he was even larger than life off stage, as his integrity and character stood second to none  Mr. Ziglar didn’t just talk about leadership….he proved his leadership daily by being a man of wisdom, character and passion for helping others.

ziglar - be-do-haveRight after I married my husband, Mr. Ziglar and I were chatting in the speaker’s greenroom of a large event we were both speaking for.  He looked at me and out the blue, he said, ” Staci, everyone wants to DO marriage, but they forget to BE a great spouse.”

This was, of course, a deep dive tip from one of his most famous lessons called, “BE – DO – HAVE”.

Mr. Ziglar wrote the forward in my first book and I will forever thank God for the role he played in my life and career.

On today’s audio strategy, we are going to talk about the power of BECOMING a leader.  I believe this little message can help you find lasting success in business and LIFE!



What a precious season to take time and give thanks for the many blessings of our lives!  As I sit here writing this email to the thousands of members of Solavei, I can’t help but thank God for the blessing of new friends, BIG IDEAS, family intimacy and the privilege to live in a country that offers us the chance to set our own boundaries for success.

Isn’t it funny how we put so much effort into a day, when, in actuality, it should be the season of lifetime.  Nonetheless, this year, I am blessed beyond measure by the amazing joy to be a Founding Member of Solavei and a part of a cause worth celebrating.   As I reflect on the many blessings of my life , I want to stop and say “Thank You” to the people who have helped me become the woman and leader I am today.

I Am Eternally Thankful For:

My Intimacy With God –  I live, breath, work, sleep, dream and hunger to know that my life honors the one who gave me life.  As the source of all I do and all I ever will be, I honor God as the ultimate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of my life.

My Husband (Larry Wallace) –  When you live with someone for 15 years, you know them like no one else on earth.  That is why I can say, with absolute certainty, that I am married to the most incredible man I know and a leader worth following.   His love, honor, loyalty, wisdom and leadership in our home, along with our faith in God, is what makes me wake up every day believing I am unstoppable and able to move mountains.

My Children (Payton & Alexia)-  I remember the day I first saw their precious faces and I suddenly knew a depth of love that is indescribable.  Holding them in my arms, I would sing, “You Are So Beautiful To Me” and could hear the voice of my heavenly Father say, “And that is exactly what I feel about YOU!”   As my love for their daddy grows every single day, I can see how even our love for each other has enabled them to know LOVE and become role-models of that love, joy, peace, hope, and compassion for others.  I see their father and THE Father’s love in them daily.  I am eternally grateful to know that they are the seed of legacy God will allow me to sow into the future.

My Parents (Ron & Donna Wuerch) –  I think back on all the years of sowing into my life and my heart overflows with gratitude for my mom and dad.  What would I be today without their constant love, encouragement, wisdom and leadership?  From daily vocal training, stage coaching, ministry insight and rigorous leadership development to never missing a single basketball game, sitting with me during competitions and all the times they held me during the toughest seasons of my life, I AM because they chose to believe in what could be.  Though my Daddy is on assignment in heaven now, I can still hear he and my mother saying, “Get Up!  You can beat this.  Nothing is impossible for you can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you.”

My Brother (Ryan Wuerch) –  We fought, we played, we laughed, we plotted, we played pranks, and grew to see one another’s strengths in operation.  What a joy this season of life has become as we have, now, parntered to change the world of commerce as we know it with Solavei!   My heart is full of gratitude for he and my “sis”, Shawntel, for inspiring me daily to lead a revolution of change that will give opportunity for millions to experience financial change.

Zig Ziglar – Everyone has mentors who help form who they are in life.  Since a child, my father spoon fed me the motivational books of Zig Ziglar.  By 18 it became a goal to meet him and by 27, I was sharing the stage and a season of life with the man I would grow to call “Pops”.  Today, he is no longer storming the stages of grandeur that were once home to his talents and passion for others.  Instead, his stage of impact lies in the hearts of leaders like myself, who will gratefully carry the same message of God’s love to the marketplace and world.

The People I Call “MY FRIENDS” – Whether you are family, associates, FB peeps, Twitter pals or business partners in my life, I am deeply grateful for the joy of knowing that your alignments have helped me stay on assignment for 43 years now!  (Wow!  Did I just admit that?)   From my infancy, I can see God’s strategic hand in the alignments of my life.  You have prepared me for such a time as this, and I truly believe our biggest days are still ahead.   Some of you have been in my life for a season, some for a reason, and some for a lifetime, but ALL of you have been on PURPOSE and are valued in my eyes more than you could ever know.  Thank you for believing in me and celebrating this special season together.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The world doesn’t want your PERFECTION…they want purposeful, powerful, passionate, and RELEVANT! It’s actually a GREAT marketing strategy to have flaws and own them! The video says it all! Watch, learn, and apply!

Beyond Success Lies SIGNIFICANCE

Today, I am sitting in the beautiful Dominican Republic on the FirstFitness Nutrition’s Dream Vacation.  Twelve of our top Distributors are with me as a result of their achievement in our company.  To our great team of dedicated wellness coaches and business builders, winning a Dream Vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, is an achievement of SUCCESS that others dream about winning.

This year’s Dream Vacation, however,  had an added component that we’ve never done before, making this our first ever LEGACY Dream Vacation in partnership with the Children’s Hunger Fund.  Recognizing the power of leaving a lasting legacy, I asked our CEO, Nigel Branson, if we could add a day onto the trip to move beyond the feeling of SUCCESS and offer a life-changing time of significance for our Distributors.  And, so yesterday, under sunny skies and extremely warm temperature, our Distributors set aside their tropical drinks by the pools of luxury, and at 7 a.m., loaded up onto a small bus and drove four hours into one of the most poverty stricken areas of this region.

As we began the journey, I prayed to myself, “Dear God, let today be filled with your presence.  Use our lives to be a source of hope, health and healing to the children and families we will reach. And let this experience FOREVER change the lives of our Distributors so they will sense an even greater purpose behind what we do as entrepreneurs, and the bigger meaning behind why we should do it.”

Our first stop was a small church that was also the local school.  They had a special presentation for us and our hearts were touched by the faces of the children, looking to us with bewilderment.  With American visitors, usually comes gifts and surprises so they were “lit up” with excitement and anticipation.  They sang to us, recited scriptures they had memorized, and welcomed us in their languages of Spanish, French and Creole.  

As I, along with all of our Distributors, sang “Jesus Loves Me”, the smiles of the children were so big and, though they couldn’t understand our words in English, they could feel our love.

After our time together, we went outside and played with the toys we brought for them.  From hoola hoops, jump ropes and baseballs, to the masterful coaching of Brian Fox teaching the boys to play basketball with a Nerf hoop, the joy of simple pleasures was seen in all of our eyes and felt in our hearts.

From there, we moved to where these children lived, and our hearts were so profoundly impacted.  Indeed, it was a culture shock to all of us. Words would be inadequate to try to explain the poverty we witnessed, as our American lifestyle is so far removed.  We saw shacks made from scraps, surrounded by trash, flies and waste, but to these families, it was shelter, provision and HOME.   I could see the tears continually welling up in the eyes of the Distributors as it was a surreal and life-changing moment of time for all of us.

After a day of delivering food packs, prayer, hope, and sometimes just a hug, we knew this was the RICH life – that life where we’re blessed enough to be a blessing to others.

Why do we work so hard in our own country?  Is our greatest sign of achievement the titles we possess or the cars we drive?  Is it the material possessions we accumulate?  Or is there a larger and grander reason for the blessing of success? What if the real test in life is our ability to move beyond success into a life of lasting significance?



Take Time To Sharpen Your Skills

There was once a Lumberjack competition between a young arrogant lumberjack and an old and quiet man. The contest began and the young man was determined to win on speed and agility.

As the day passed by, he grew more and more confident that he would win, noticing that the old man had to frequently stop and take breaks.

At the end of the competition, the young man was shocked to learn that the old man had won by a huge margin of cutting down 1/3 MORE trees than the young man. The young man walked over to the old man and asked, “How did you do it? You took so many breaks and I didn’t even stop once!”.

The wise old man replied, “Son, what you don’t understand is that on those breaks, in which you thought I was resting, I was actually sharpening my ax!   A well-sharpened ax makes for a LOT less work as it makes the trees fall fast!”

Are you giving time to “sharpen your ax”?  Take time to make sure that you are rested, sharp and on point for the destiny set before you!

You Are Destined To INNOVATE

The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought about what it must have been like to have such clarity of vision that despite sitting in the presence of absolute darkness, void, and emptiness, still the creative energy that flows within you is like an UNSTOPPABLE storm about to change the landscape of the future as we know it?

Can you imagine believing in your vision so much that you speak to it, hover over it, meditate on it till eventually it is manifested into reality?

This morning during my devotion, I was meditating on Genesis 1 when the pages came to life as if in a 4D movie.  Absolute darkness, complete emptiness, zero reflection, total silence and YET……astronomical entrepreneurial energy!


Let’s look at the first known creation in Genesis 1.   It says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void and darkness covered the face of the deep.  AND YET…The Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters, over the darkness, and over what seemed like NOTHING!

At this very early stage of the Ultimate Entrepreneurial venture, there was nothing but the vision of God.   There was NO SIGN that would dictate his plan would work, nothing to even make is seem possible.  There was no proof that such a world of systems could work.  Even though the Bible says, “In the beginning WAS….the heavens and earth”, they did not even exist yet!  They were nothing but a plan, an idea, an entrepreneurial vision of GOD to make SOMETHING out of NOTHING.

Point #1:   Every entrepreneurial vision begins with the hope of something that has not yet been created.

Point #2:  Every great entrepreneur does not let current reality define their ultimate destiny.   No matter where you are right now or what your current circumstances may be, you are the incubator of greatness.  Your current reality is nothing more than preparation for your ultimate destiny.

Point #3:  Darkness, silence, emptiness and even loneliness are the perfect pH balance for miracles to happen.  They were the soil for God’s creation to be manifest.  The darkness, void, and empty moments of your life could very well be the time when you are to begin speaking to your creation, hovering over it and start expecting it like never before to appear before your very eyes.

Expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles.

Point #4:  God SPOKE to his vision, “Let there be light.”   The bible says light appeared, even though it was eleven scriptures later (vs.11) when the stars, sun and light were actually made reality.   You must believe in and speak to the vision in your heart even before it is a reality.  Call it into being.  Prepare for it.  Make way for it’s arrival and then wait with earnest expectation and faith.

When God innovates, He does so in the midst of the most uncommon, unnatural and seemingly impossible climates.   With David, He saw a king when others saw a sheperd.  With Mary, He saw the womb of the Savior when others saw a little girl.  With Jesus, He saw ULTIMATE REDEMPTION when others saw a carpenter.

When God looks at you, He sees so much more than the world around you could ever see in you.  Do NOT be despised by small beginnings.  Do not be disheartened when those around you see your dream as small or insignificant.  Do not be swayed by only what is seen.  For it is that which is UNSEEN awaiting birth that will be the greatest inventions of our future.

“Oh the creative, entrepreneurial energy that surrounds us!   Even in the midst of the Garden of Eden, little did Adam know that a chair existed in the tree.  Tomorrow’s greatest ideas, inventions, businesses, and discoveries are resting in the things that already surround us today.  The catch is…..will you see them?   Will you be the ONE to bring them out of the tree and into the world as we know it?

Point #5 NOW is the time.   THIS is the place.  And YOU are the one to bring into reality that which has never been done, never been heard and never been conceived.  You are the Sons and Daughters of GOD, created in HIS image.


Love it or not, social media’s here to stay

Have you read “Crush It” by Garay Vaynerchuk. Great book for social media beginners. Watch his video for more social media buzz……

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times bestselling author and American businessman who eschewed the traditional media tools he had relied on when building his retail wine store, turning instead to the social web. Gary’s first business book, entitled Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion, was released in the Fall of 2009 and debuted as a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. In this clip, Gary discusses why we create social boundaries for ourselves when adopting new trends, specifically social media.

via the video at this link: Love it or hate it, social media’s here to stay.

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