ziglar - be-do-have

BE-DO-HAVE.....Everyone wants to DO leadership, but very few people take time to BECOME leaders worth following. Be-Do-Have is a lesson taught by one of my greatest mentors and friends, Zig Ziglar.  He and his family played a very important role in my life as a keynote speaker, life coach, … [Read more...]


Cabo Family Pic

A HEART OF GRATITUDE What a precious season to take time and give thanks for the many blessings of our lives!  As I sit here writing this email to the thousands of members of Solavei, I can't help but thank God for the blessing of new friends, BIG IDEAS, family intimacy and the privilege to live … [Read more...]


The world doesn't want your PERFECTION...they want purposeful, powerful, passionate, and RELEVANT! It's actually a GREAT marketing strategy to have flaws and own them! The video says it all! Watch, learn, and apply! … [Read more...]

Beyond Success Lies SIGNIFICANCE


Today, I am sitting in the beautiful Dominican Republic on the FirstFitness Nutrition’s Dream Vacation.  Twelve of our top Distributors are with me as a result of their achievement in our company.  To our great team of dedicated wellness coaches and business builders, winning a Dream Vacation to … [Read more...]

Take Time To Sharpen Your Skills


There was once a Lumberjack competition between a young arrogant lumberjack and an old and quiet man. The contest began and the young man was determined to win on speed and agility. As the day passed by, he grew more and more confident that he would win, noticing that the old man had to … [Read more...]

You Are Destined To INNOVATE


The Ultimate Entrepreneur Have you ever thought about what it must have been like to have such clarity of vision that despite sitting in the presence of absolute darkness, void, and emptiness, still the creative energy that flows within you is like an UNSTOPPABLE storm about to change the landscape … [Read more...]

Love it or not, social media’s here to stay


Have you read "Crush It" by Garay Vaynerchuk. Great book for social media beginners. Watch his video for more social media buzz...... Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times bestselling author and American businessman who eschewed the traditional media tools he had relied on when building his … [Read more...]

Join Staci Wallace For The “ALL IN” Regional Conference

"All In" Regional Conference

This will be a FULL day of social media training, MLM business development, New School Marketing, and MORE! PLUS.....If it's anything like our summer event, you might end up FULLY IMMERSED!!!! For more information, email: … [Read more...]