Beyond Success Lies SIGNIFICANCE


Today, I am sitting in the beautiful Dominican Republic on the FirstFitness Nutrition’s Dream Vacation.  Twelve of our top Distributors are with me as a result of their achievement in our company.  To our great team of dedicated wellness coaches and business builders, winning a Dream Vacation to … [Read more...]

NOW is the time to LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT!

  A 90 Day Transformation System PROVEN To Get Results That Last!   Kick your New Year Off Looking Great and Feeling Great with the LIFE By Design 90 Day Weight Loss, Wellness & Personal Coaching system. It has proven to help so many of our EMwomen lose 30, 60, and even 150 … [Read more...]

3 Tips For Blogging Success


Three Tips To Blogging Success: He re are 3 tips to creating a powerful blog that will help you brand yourself for success and eventually drive traffic to your lead capture page, creating more customers and business partners: 1. Blog consistently. When getting started, I suggest sprinting for at … [Read more...]

You Are Destined To INNOVATE


The Ultimate Entrepreneur Have you ever thought about what it must have been like to have such clarity of vision that despite sitting in the presence of absolute darkness, void, and emptiness, still the creative energy that flows within you is like an UNSTOPPABLE storm about to change the landscape … [Read more...]

Join Staci Wallace For The “ALL IN” Regional Conference

"All In" Regional Conference

This will be a FULL day of social media training, MLM business development, New School Marketing, and MORE! PLUS.....If it's anything like our summer event, you might end up FULLY IMMERSED!!!! For more information, email: … [Read more...]

Big News At Home And Work!

Staci has accepted the position of Vice President of Corporate Development on Oct. 1, 2010 with FirstFitness, a 21 year old health and wellness corporation dedicated to transforming lives, restoring hope, and fulfilling dreams!  Watch this video! Click here to listen to our corporate update … [Read more...]