Not My Normal Blog Post…..YOU CAN DO THIS!


There are times in life that we find ourselves looking around saying, “How did I get here?”  “What do I do next?”  Sometimes, it’s because of great accomplishments and spoken in a state of gratitude and need for higher direction….other times it’s because we are lost and are praying for a way of escape from life’s challenges.

Today, at 3 am, I found myself asking those same questions.  Sitting in my office, I sat seeking God for guidance on decisions I must make on behalf of tens of thousands of people that look to me for wisdom, leadership, and strength.  I felt led to put on my iTunes and just bask in the presence of God for a moment to still my mind and soul and “wait” on Him.

It didn’t take long before I found myself in tears before my Maker, crying “Abba, Father….I Need You!  I need your wisdom, guidance, and fortitude to lead these people to the place YOU call BEST. Help me – help them.  For in my own strength, I am only another human striving for perfection, trying using my talents to do something great in this world.  But IN YOU, I am an oracle of hope that represents a mandate that requires Your Divine intervention to accomplish the vision before me.  I want to partner with you to create something bigger than myself in this world.  Something bigger than profits, prosperity, or personal accomplishment.  Show me YOUR way and give me the wisdom to lead on YOUR behalf so I might take a generation to a place they’ve never been before and to a life that leads them to LASTING peace and prosperity, even in the midst of uncertainty.”

As I sat in that moment of stillness and tears, a song suddenly came on my computer by Celine Dion.  At first, I moved to turn it off, thinking that it would interrupt  my precious stillness before God.  But then, I listened…..REALLY  listened.   “You were my strength when I was weak….You were my voice when I couldn’t speak….You were my eyes when I couldn’t see….You gave me faith because YOU BELIEVE.”   As I continued to listened, I heard a message from my Father, both heavenly and my Daddy, who passed away 2 years ago speaking into me a word of encouragement that seemed to awaken and fill me with a fresh confidence to step into this upcoming year with the assurance of knowing that when God’s gives us a vision….he will also be the source of provision that brings it to pass.  He will be our strength, even when we feel too small to accomplish the task.

I suddenly realized that I am not alone.   I am not leading this tribe of passionate warriors by myself.  Instead, I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, angels, and the presence of God saying, “YOU CAN DO THIS…..I have created you, prepared you, and molded you FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.   I will send the laborers and leaders that will help you.  You need not worry about the HOW….Just focus on the “WHO” I am placing before you.  You take care of the people….I will take care of the systems and processes needed to make it happen.  You are what you are and have what you have today…..BECAUSE I LOVE YOU and have entrusted you to lead.”

Today, I challenge you to believe in God’s ability to guide you, even when the task seems bigger than your capabilities.  Trust in the fact that you have overcome many obstacles in your life that prepared you for this moment of victory.   Give glory to God and celebrate Him, even in the stillness of your searching for direction.

I pray that you stop today and take time to get the bigger picture of what you are being asked to do in this season of your life.  You are not alone….YOU CAN DO THIS.  You were created, prepared, and molded FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.


Here is the song that I still have on loop, speaking to my heart…..even now.  02 Because You Loved Me



The world doesn’t want your PERFECTION…they want purposeful, powerful, passionate, and RELEVANT! It’s actually a GREAT marketing strategy to have flaws and own them! The video says it all! Watch, learn, and apply!

Take Time To Sharpen Your Skills

There was once a Lumberjack competition between a young arrogant lumberjack and an old and quiet man. The contest began and the young man was determined to win on speed and agility.

As the day passed by, he grew more and more confident that he would win, noticing that the old man had to frequently stop and take breaks.

At the end of the competition, the young man was shocked to learn that the old man had won by a huge margin of cutting down 1/3 MORE trees than the young man. The young man walked over to the old man and asked, “How did you do it? You took so many breaks and I didn’t even stop once!”.

The wise old man replied, “Son, what you don’t understand is that on those breaks, in which you thought I was resting, I was actually sharpening my ax!   A well-sharpened ax makes for a LOT less work as it makes the trees fall fast!”

Are you giving time to “sharpen your ax”?  Take time to make sure that you are rested, sharp and on point for the destiny set before you!

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You Are Destined To INNOVATE

The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought about what it must have been like to have such clarity of vision that despite sitting in the presence of absolute darkness, void, and emptiness, still the creative energy that flows within you is like an UNSTOPPABLE storm about to change the landscape of the future as we know it?

Can you imagine believing in your vision so much that you speak to it, hover over it, meditate on it till eventually it is manifested into reality?

This morning during my devotion, I was meditating on Genesis 1 when the pages came to life as if in a 4D movie.  Absolute darkness, complete emptiness, zero reflection, total silence and YET……astronomical entrepreneurial energy!


Let’s look at the first known creation in Genesis 1.   It says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void and darkness covered the face of the deep.  AND YET…The Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters, over the darkness, and over what seemed like NOTHING!

At this very early stage of the Ultimate Entrepreneurial venture, there was nothing but the vision of God.   There was NO SIGN that would dictate his plan would work, nothing to even make is seem possible.  There was no proof that such a world of systems could work.  Even though the Bible says, “In the beginning WAS….the heavens and earth”, they did not even exist yet!  They were nothing but a plan, an idea, an entrepreneurial vision of GOD to make SOMETHING out of NOTHING.

Point #1:   Every entrepreneurial vision begins with the hope of something that has not yet been created.

Point #2:  Every great entrepreneur does not let current reality define their ultimate destiny.   No matter where you are right now or what your current circumstances may be, you are the incubator of greatness.  Your current reality is nothing more than preparation for your ultimate destiny.

Point #3:  Darkness, silence, emptiness and even loneliness are the perfect pH balance for miracles to happen.  They were the soil for God’s creation to be manifest.  The darkness, void, and empty moments of your life could very well be the time when you are to begin speaking to your creation, hovering over it and start expecting it like never before to appear before your very eyes.

Expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles.

Point #4:  God SPOKE to his vision, “Let there be light.”   The bible says light appeared, even though it was eleven scriptures later (vs.11) when the stars, sun and light were actually made reality.   You must believe in and speak to the vision in your heart even before it is a reality.  Call it into being.  Prepare for it.  Make way for it’s arrival and then wait with earnest expectation and faith.

When God innovates, He does so in the midst of the most uncommon, unnatural and seemingly impossible climates.   With David, He saw a king when others saw a sheperd.  With Mary, He saw the womb of the Savior when others saw a little girl.  With Jesus, He saw ULTIMATE REDEMPTION when others saw a carpenter.

When God looks at you, He sees so much more than the world around you could ever see in you.  Do NOT be despised by small beginnings.  Do not be disheartened when those around you see your dream as small or insignificant.  Do not be swayed by only what is seen.  For it is that which is UNSEEN awaiting birth that will be the greatest inventions of our future.

“Oh the creative, entrepreneurial energy that surrounds us!   Even in the midst of the Garden of Eden, little did Adam know that a chair existed in the tree.  Tomorrow’s greatest ideas, inventions, businesses, and discoveries are resting in the things that already surround us today.  The catch is…..will you see them?   Will you be the ONE to bring them out of the tree and into the world as we know it?

Point #5 NOW is the time.   THIS is the place.  And YOU are the one to bring into reality that which has never been done, never been heard and never been conceived.  You are the Sons and Daughters of GOD, created in HIS image.


Naked In Chicago Airport!

Have you ever had one of those days that left an imprint on your soul as though God, Himself, was the author?  I was traveling back from an event where I was appearing before 20,000 people hungry for success. After my performance, I was rushed straight from the stage to a limo and directly to the airport to catch the last flight out. Fortunately, I only had a carry-on so the check in process would be easy.

I barely made my flight.  As I sat in my seat I thought,”Boy would it have been nice to change out of these stage clothes and into the comfortable sweat suit that’s in my bag.”  My plan was to get to Chicago where I would have an hour layover and change in the bathroom. When I landed in Chicago I went directly to my connecting gate to check in. That is when it happened:

Out of nowhere, I heard intense screaming. I turned and saw a naked woman (and I mean she was TOTALLY naked) running down the terminal screaming, “Oh God, help me! Oh God, help me!”

People were moving out of the way and acting like she was strapped to a bomb. Their faces of horror and shame were obvious.  She just kept running down the terminal getting closer and closer till all of a sudden she dropped on her knees only a few feet in front of me,  threw her hands in the air as if to surrender, and cried out, “Oh God, help me!” [Read more…]

Power Fishing For “Best” Clients

Target Marketing 101:  Power Fishing

Right Pond – Right Bait – Best Clients

Want to elevate your effectiveness no matter what product or service you are promoting?  Want to have an endless reservoir of clients come back for more? Are you ready for a fresh look at your target market?  Let’s go fishing!

Today, while fishing with my kids, I realized that fishing and marketing are very much alike.    Here are 5 keys to elevate your marketing strategy and give you a fresh perspective on who, what, where, when, and how much your marketing campaign should target.   It might even help your fishing game!  :) [Read more…]