Not My Normal Blog Post…..YOU CAN DO THIS!


  There are times in life that we find ourselves looking around saying, "How did I get here?"  "What do I do next?"  Sometimes, it's because of great accomplishments and spoken in a state of gratitude and need for higher direction….other times it's because we are lost and are praying for a … [Read more...]


The world doesn't want your PERFECTION...they want purposeful, powerful, passionate, and RELEVANT! It's actually a GREAT marketing strategy to have flaws and own them! The video says it all! Watch, learn, and apply! … [Read more...]

Take Time To Sharpen Your Skills


There was once a Lumberjack competition between a young arrogant lumberjack and an old and quiet man. The contest began and the young man was determined to win on speed and agility. As the day passed by, he grew more and more confident that he would win, noticing that the old man had to … [Read more...]

NOW is the time to LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT!

  A 90 Day Transformation System PROVEN To Get Results That Last!   Kick your New Year Off Looking Great and Feeling Great with the LIFE By Design 90 Day Weight Loss, Wellness & Personal Coaching system. It has proven to help so many of our EMwomen lose 30, 60, and even 150 … [Read more...]

You Are Destined To INNOVATE


The Ultimate Entrepreneur Have you ever thought about what it must have been like to have such clarity of vision that despite sitting in the presence of absolute darkness, void, and emptiness, still the creative energy that flows within you is like an UNSTOPPABLE storm about to change the landscape … [Read more...]

Naked In Chicago Airport!


Have you ever had one of those days that left an imprint on your soul as though God, Himself, was the author?  I was traveling back from an event where I was appearing before 20,000 people hungry for success. After my performance, I was rushed straight from the stage to a limo and directly to … [Read more...]

Power Fishing For “Best” Clients

go big

Target Marketing 101:  Power Fishing Right Pond - Right Bait - Best Clients Want to elevate your effectiveness no matter what product or service you are promoting?  Want to have an endless reservoir of clients come back for more? Are you ready for a fresh look at your target market?  Let's go … [Read more...]