Learn How to Create SMART GOALS

Smart Goals
Now that you’ve identified WHAT you really want and WHY you want it, let’s start targeting specific goals to help you get there.  It’s time to set your SMART GOALS.

This is where we will dig into the SMART goal model and begin using both left and right brain tendencies to establish your goals moving forward.  To do this effectively you need to dream big, but start small.  Although the right-side, fun and imaginative side of our brain is what gives us creativity and emotion to take risks and dream of what “could be”, it is our left brain logic that will give meat to the bones of our smart goals and help us achieve them.

So what is a S.M.A.R.T. goal?


Setting clearly defined or specific goals increases the likelihood of those goals being accomplished. Here are 5 questions to ask in setting specific Smart Goals.

*What: What SPECIFICALLY do you want that you don’t currently have?
*Who:  Who will it affect when you reach it?
*Where: Where will you need to be located to make it happen?
*When: When is the time frame for accomplishment?
*Why:  Why do you want this so much? Give specific reason or benefit to accomplishing the goal.
Example: A generalization of a goal would be: “I want to make more money.” But a specific goal would be: “I want to reach the title of Marketing Director by June, with a base income of $75,000/year so I can stop renting and put my family in a home that is building equity for our future.”


How will you measure for your goal to determine if you are having progress towards reaching it? This is where we chunk the goal into incremental steps of achievement so that you feel continual growth in the journey. This will also help keep you on track, focused, and give you a feeling of accomplishment that you will need along the way. You need to set Smart Goals!

Example: “I will lose 15 lbs by the end of October so that I can feel confident in my swimsuit during our company vacation.”  GREAT goal. Now, let’s make it measurable. Let’s say it’s August 1. That means you have 3 months to accomplish your goal. Begin by taking your starting weight and body measurements to give you a baseline starting point. Now, chunk the 15 pounds into smaller goals. A good goal for each month would be 5 pounds. Chunk it even more and that would be a pound and a half per week. Now, you have measurable weekly goals that you can target daily habits towards. Make sense? You can do this with every goal on your list.


This is where you make sure your goals are do-able. If you set a goal to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks, you are setting yourself up for failure or an unhealthy road ahead.  It’s one thing to have revolutionary goals and dreams that are accomplished over time, but to set goals that are confined by REAL barriers is foolishness. You need to set Smart Goals!

Example:  Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, perhaps, change the time-frame, increase funding, look for new partnerships or create new possibilities to make the end goal attainable.  You can bring massive goals into scope when you allow time for growth, wisdom and time to be on your side. Don’t lower the standards of your goals, but increase the effort, wisdom, and process it will take to there.


Why is it important to make sure that your goal are relevant? This is where your goals align with your core values. Just setting goals for the art of it is NOT going to lead you to the BEST life you deserve. You need Smart Goals!

Example: If your real desire is to spend more time with the kids but your set “financial” goal is to acquire 3 new companies this year, then you may have issues. Ask yourself, “Is the goal relevant to my core values?”


It is important to have a bullseye or target to shoot towards. If you go out and aimlessly fire off arrows with no target in mind, you will grow weary, get frustrated, feel like you are not making progress, and potentially hurt someone in the process!  Instead, time-bound goals give purpose and direction for your efforts. With no time frame tied to your goals, there is also no sense of urgency. Saying “SOMEDAY, I want to get in shape.” will never get you there. It’s no different than saying, “I SHOULD lose weight.” I SHOULD get out of debt.” “I SHOULD spend more time with the family.”  All you are doing is “SHOULD-ing” all over yourself. It’s not until you get to a place where you say I MUST change and NOW IS THE TIME!  Then give it the SMART goal specifics and take massive action.

Now it’s time for you to set SMART GOALS!

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