The Power of P.O.S.T.U.R.E.


When you enter a room, there is a dynamic that naturally takes place whether you know it or not.  It’s called pecking order.  How you POSTURE yourself in a presentation, room, relationship or business alignment will either position you for strength or weakness.  Leadership is more about posture than postion or rank.

In today’s FACEBOOK LIVE video, we looked at an acronym for the word POSTURE to give you a few good tips on how to increase your “magnetic influence” simply by positioning yourself better in the chessboard of life.  Watch the video for full details on each of the following words that can GREATLY affect your leadership DNA.








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Lana Colquitt says January 25, 2017

Inam a personal friend of Lori Zidell. She has told me about you. Seen this link. Enjoyed one of your posts.

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