Next Level Leadership

"What good is it to be leading the pack if the pack is headed in the wrong direction"
– Staci Wallace

An organization of over 500 members faced a challenge of having become stagnant in leadership and unable to press through to their next level. Rather than continuing down a path of complacency and decline, a valiant effort was made to create a mental shift, an awakening, and a redefining of both the leadership team and its employees. Staci's "NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP" program offers the much needed change and breakthrough many organizations and individuals need to step into to their next level of effectiveness.

An organization or company will never elevate past the paradigms of its leaders. When leaders suffer from stress at work or home, it is carried over to their overall productivity. In this extensive program, Staci covers a proven process called Discover, Design and Deliver that takes each team member, as well as the organization through the process if identifying their weak links and core strengths. Once identified, she can then DESIGN a strategic plan for their elevated success based on their discoveries. It is then up to the organization and its leaders to DELIVER the results through intentional massive action on the plan given.

Staci's "NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP" program provides the tools you need to move from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it is a corporation in need of next level thinking or an individual looking for elevated effectiveness in their personal or professional lives, this program is guaranteed to take you there.

"NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP" is the solution to meet the following productivity goals:
Within a company or organization:
  • Improve Organizational and Personal Effectiveness
  • Increase Overall Productivity
  • Challenge limited belief systems
  • Increasing team based leadership
  • Eliminate bad apples and destructive emotions
  • Create a winning plan for unifying the team
  • Establish life plans for individual employee fitness, finances, family, and core belief values.
  • Identify and stay focused on “the main thing”
  • Clarify Corporate Goals and give clear direction for the vision of the future.
  • Elevate the leadership lid and potential of the team
Within an individual:
  • Improve Your Personal Ability to Influence Others
  • Increase Overall Productivity
  • Challenge limited belief systems
  • Learn to lead from the middle
  • Create a winning plan to turn your finances, faith, family and fitness around
  • Elevate your own ability to lead others
  • Learn how to use your mind to magnetically attract the life of your dreams
  • Identify your life’s purpose and passion
  • Become a contagious leader