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In tonight’s LIVE Facebook Warrior Mindset Training we are LIVE from Las Vegas talking about the power of “Jab, Jab, Jab – Right Hook”.

In sales, most people miss the dynamics of patience, consistency and follow through.  As we continue making the parallel between MMA – Mixed Martial Arts and Money Making Activities, tonight we are talking about three key ingredients to building a long-term residual income.

In his book, Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook, Gary Vaynerchuk touches on how being an effective marketer requires you to understand the difference between jabbing and going for the knock out blow in your marketing approach.  I encourage you to pick up the book as it is a GREAT read for those wanting to build their empire through online and offline marketing methods.

Let’s look at our three key points for tonight’s training:

  1.  JAB  – The most important punch is the jab. Why?  The jab doesn’t end fights, but it does set you up for the power punches that do.  Jabs are the moves that set you up for striking moments that can lead to big wins. You’ll hear every corner coach in boxing yell for his fighter to “work the jab” because they know it allows you to offensively read the patterns, movements and techniques of your opponent, getting them into a position for you to take advantage of a power-blow.When marketing your business, the mistake most rookies make is they try to SELL too fast or go for a knock out punch before JABBING consistently to set up the relationship.  People don’t want to be SOLD anything but they do want to be heard, understood and related to.  We are powered by relationships which takes patience, listening, asking the right questions, being friendly and setting up the moment to present your “opportunity”.A powerful quote by Pastor Keith Craft is “Always seek to understand others before you try to be understood by others.”  This is important in sales as well as in relationships.  If you are only interested in telling people about how great you or your business are, you will miss the power of the jab …or setting up the relationship for understanding, intimacy and success.Watch the Facebook Live video to see how industry icon, Shane Douglas, took 2.5 years of consistent relationship building and JABBING online before he was positioned to recruit me into his business.
  2.  JAB – Consistency requires patience.  When I watch MMA, I love the “dance” that takes place between fighters.  The jabs, the low kicks, the grappling are all a part of setting up that winning moment.  But the worst thing a fighter can do is get out of rhythm by allowing anxiousness to take them out of the fight.  Last night, while in Vegas, I explained how consistency and patience led us to hitting the JACKPOT while playing slots. Had I have walked away too early, I would have lost out on a massive win.
  3. RIGHT HOOK –  The right hook is paralleled to “closing the sell” or making the deal.  If you don’t know how to follow through in sales, you could be setting yourself up for big wins only to lose the fight due to self-sabotage.  Watch theFacebook Live video to see a few ideas you can use to follow-through online, in meetings and at the job in order to get more sales, more wins and ultimately greater victory in business and life!


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