When I look back and see where I started compared to where I am today, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude realizing that if I can become a 7-figure income earner who’s voice is changing lives, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
When I was a baby, I was very sick and continually struggled with pneumonia. After many re-occuring bouts of illness, tests and doctor visits, they finally diagnosed me with Cystic Fibrosis, a deadly disease of the lungs.
WAIT…You may be saying, “That’s IMPOSSIBLE….there is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis!” And you are right!
My dad was a pastor and missionary to some of the poorest people in the world. The day the doctors diagnosed me of having CF, they prayed for a miracle that I would LIVE and not die. They also prayed that if God would heal me that he would use my lungs, my voice and my life to be a source of hope and healing to my generation.


And then it happened…..the next morning after a night of prayer, they awoke to realize that I didn’t have a single symptom of pneumonia, CF or any sickness at all. It was a miracle. From that day forward, I never had another bout of illness and instead of having weak lungs, my parents noticed a unique skill of singing and perfect pitch. As I grew into my teens, I developed 5 1/2 octaves and my dream was set to be a recording artist with a passion to bring hope and healing to others.
But that was just the beginning of the miracles that would happen.  As a ministry family, we struggled financially. We lived in a trailer home and often found ourselves praying for our next meal. Though we lacked money, my father taught us to be extravagant in generosity and rich in love.  Then, he was introduced to network marketing and saw a way to provide for his love for people and his passion for doing good. Over the next few years, he sold everything from vacuums, and perfume, to water filters and alarms looking for anything to bring in extra money to fuel his passion.
By the time I turned 18 my voice had made way for me to be in a 21 piece orchestra, singing at the Olympics and landing me major roles in some of North America’s largest musical productions. I wanted nothing to do with my father’s MLM hotel meetings but I DID want to support my dad, who was my biggest fan.
Shortly after the Olympics were over, I found myself in a musical drought looking for ways to make money till I got my big break. My dad sat me down and encouraged me to create a plan B in times of struggle.
He said, “Honey, never give up on your dream of singing to the world. But one thing life has taught me is to create a secondary income so that when tough times hit, AND THEY WILL, be sure to have a secondary income to fill the void.” Then, he invited me to come to his water filter “opportunity meeting”.  He even offered to pay me $25 to sit in the lobby of the hotel and give people their name tags.


That’s when it happened! Heaven touched earth in a way that would alter my life forever. A random man that was staying in the hotel came to the table and asked if he could sit in on the meeting. I gave him his name tag and thought nothing of it. Then, 45 minutes later, he came back to me asking for an application and a sponsor.
Cha-Ching! I ran to my dad and asked for two apps. One form ME and one for my new downline! That was 29 years ago and from that moment forward I began to pour my heart into the two things I loved most….my music and my new business.  To join that company you had two options. Buy $5000 or $25,000 worth of water filters. I was only 18 so I had to go bank to bank till I found one that would give me a small business loan.


I was 18 and HUNGRY for success! Being so young, my strategy was to leverage 3-way calls every day, all day, with my dad and his upline leader. I put them on the phone with every teacher, orchestra player, and musician I knew. In that first month, I received a check of $8976.
I worked 18 hours a day, EVERY DAY, and never let a single person come within 3 feet of me that didn’t hear about my business and how I could make their life better with pure clean water! I began to use the skills my father had taught me in ministry to create systems, programs, training camps and materials that would provide duplication and sustainability for the “average guy” in business.
Like any other success story, I too had to motivate myself when no one showed up for my meetings and have weathered the storms of companies closing, downlines leaving, family members dying, and seasons of drought that left me wanting to quit more times than I could even count. But I garnered the nickname “Princess Warrior” because I refused to give up. I was HUNGRY for success and determined to live a life of significance. In that first company, I went on to grow a massive team and break the record for being the youngest National Marketing Director they had ever had.
I left that company for “greener grass” (not recommended) and soon became #1 in my next company, which closed after 3 years.
I had to start over AGAIN and joined a Nutritional and Wellness company. This time I launched my new business with the systems and training tools that had been a key to my success in other companies. Within 3 months, I surpassed the top leaders and broke their compensation plan in less than a year. Eventually I left that company after being offered the role as Sr. Vice President of another 22 year old Nutritional Direct Sales Company.
My season of corporate leadership quickly revealed the nuts and bolts you never learn as a distributor. I was quickly shown the behind the scenes impact of product formulations, brand management, sales and marketing, as well as how to truly maximize compensation plans and drive top leader growth. That was also the season of leveraging new technologies and building massive momentum through brand excellence and online marketing. (Thank you, Gary Vaynerchuck!)
After 3 years, I was offered the chance to help start a new company in telecommunications. In less than 4 months, I would grow a network of 40,000 members and use my corporate experience to scale the entire comp plan in 6 months due to strategic team development and online marketing strategies. That network grew into the hundreds of thousands after only 3 years and would prove to be the greatest season of growth in online marketing and systems development I had ever experienced.


Today, I am blessed beyond measure to have created networks into the hundreds of thousands with a 7-figure income that has allowed me to touch the lives of millions. When I think back on how it all started and the struggle that preceded the success, I am simply amazed that it has led to such a valuable career of significance.
The lifestyle this industry provides is unparralled and gives ordinary people a shot at creating an extraordinary life. I have won countless paid vacations from my network achievements which has allowed my husband and I, along with our two kids, to live a life most people only dream about.
I’ve shared the stage with 5 U.S. Presidents, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Colin Powell, Sarah Palin, multiple World-Class Athletes and countless other world leaders. Today, I live to give to others and to advance bigger purposes that make life better for many.
Today, I am blessed to travel the world teaching people how to grow their business with massive momentum while using systems and online marketing strategies to gather endless leads, recruit more reps and build stronger teams that lead beyond success into lasting significance. As a corporate consultant, I work alongside CEOs and top-level distributors to creating winning marketing plans that allow young entrepreneurs the best shot at creating remarkable stories of success.
If you’ve ever dreamed of getting out of the struggle and into a place of freedom, I know how you feel and I have walked that road too. I want to help you.
Are you…

  • Tired of the struggle?
  • Fed up with having bills that don’t get paid?
Ready to leave “lack” and step into “luxury”?
  • Determined to get out of debt and find a pathway to financial freedom?

Let’s work together to make that happen. Now is YOUR time and this is YOUR chance to step out of the struggle and into a life of lasting significance.
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