Remember the classic movie “Finding Nemo” when Dory and Nemo’s dad were on the dock and the Seagulls chirped loudly, saying, “MINE, MINE, MINE”.

Recently I witnessed a similar event when my 15 year old daughter walked into the kitchen wearing her older brother’s t-shirt.  He looked at her and said, “Hey, take that off….that’s MINE!”

Then again, I was reminded of the movie when a friend told me how someone stole her patent and was making money off of her business idea. The natural instinct for anyone in that moment is to scream, “HEY….YOU CAN’T DO THAT…..THAT’S MINE!”

Finally, just yesterday, I experienced the flush of my ego screaming “MINE, MINE, MINE” when someone cross-recruited a team member from my direct sales organization.  My natural instinct was to cry “foul” and succumb to resentment and mistrust of another person or so-called friend.  But instead of debasing my existence to such ego-driven emotions, I heard a voice reminding me that NOTHING is MINE. Instead of seeing it as loss, I chose to view it as a test of my character to see if I would lower my consciousness to that of anger and revenge or would I take time to transcend those emotions and meditate on a place of higher peace and forgiveness.

Suddenly, peace flooded my body and sincere compassion flooded my soul for that other person.  I know that they will reap what they sow and my prayer is that they, too, will forgive quickly when opportunity allows.

Whether it be a shirt, a house, a car, a patent, a business or even the hurt of a friend…. if whatever “IT” is that we feel so offended about is subject to gravity, it is “of this world” and therefore….NOT MINE.

What causes us to have such a base level of thinking that we limit our human existence to the value we feel in ownership of possessions and material wealth?  Why do so many posts on social media create the mirage that MORE stuff equals MORE success in life or greater peace, somehow?

At the very lowest state of our human consciousness, we are flesh and blood, confined to a mortal body, limited to the emotions of comparison and equality.  However, when we transcend the EGO of self, we begin to recognize that nothing is “MINE” and everything that is of true value is “out of this world”.

Take 5 minutes today and ask yourself if what you are “bothered by” is spiritually significant or is it merely a self-driven search for significance built on money, ownership, finances, possessions, opinions, or physical emotions confined to the “matters” of this world.

“The heavens are yours, and the earth is yours; everything in the world is yours–you created it all.”  Psalms 89:11


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Hiedi says July 19, 2017

Great post, Staci! I think many miss that the Spirit of pride sometimes, for me most of the time, shows up in the robe of insecurity. When you lack or momentarily forget the truth that you are God’s child created and chosen before the world was, and that my Shepherd gives all I need you grasp on to things and people with closed hands. That never ends well.

Thanks for the reminder! I love Nemo. So many good lessons.

Love you,

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