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advantageWhen people ask me, “Staci, how do you consistently end up on top of the competition over and over and over again?”, I laugh as so many want to believe that it must be due to some type of “unfair advantage”, relational privilege, inside information, or timing beyond their control.

The truth, however, is that I know a LOT of people in “privileged” situations or who were blessed to be positioned at the forefront of a big opportunity and yet they never rise to the challenge of their potential and simply fail in performance, marriage, business and life.

So, do you want to know the real SECRET SAUCE? You better STOP reading this right now if you want to live with excuses in the future because what I am going to tell you is the TRUTH behind my success over and over and over again. It is simple. In fact, it is SO simple you will judge it as “not enough”. You will say, “Surely, there must be more”. But the fact remains, ONLY you can control it.

Here is the advantage….

BELIEF#1….BELIEF – My belief is not in earthly people, things, companies or products. I’m not looking for someone to give me a vision, a speech, a marketing plan, or lead me with a new idea, or incentive. I don’t need someone or something to lead me to my “Promised Land”. My BELIEF is that I live in my Promised Land and my hope is built on NOTHING less than God’s faithfulness to bless me according to Duet. 28: 1-14. I am like a giant magnet to blessings and the people I associate with that come alongside that belief with absolute certainty WILL BE BLESSED. That is the foundation of my belief and I KNOW that I can’t help but rise to the top because it is a part of a covenant that I have that can not be broken. (READ DEUT. 28:1-14)


WORDS#2….WORDS. I make sure my WORDS and actions line up with my belief no matter what!!! When my father was in his last moments on earth, I did not worry, fret, speak words of doubt or go into mourning. Instead, I looked my daddy in the eyes and said, “Daddy, this body does NOT define you. Your BEST days are in front of you and I am honored to continue the journey and fulfill the mission set before me.” Instead of doubt and fear due to change, I elevated my expectancy, knowing that GOD controls the breath of life and He alone controls the success of my future. If I align my WORDS with His Word and live them out daily…I WILL BE BLESSED. Even if people fail me, systems fail me, friends fail me, leaders fail me…..I CAN NOT FAIL because I live under the covenant (promise) that I am THE HEAD AND NOT THE TAIL, above only and never beneath….. (More on this: http://www.josephprince.com/2013/12/the-head-and-not-the-tail-3)


ACTIONS#3…ACTIONS.   Consistency is probably one of the most important ingredients to living a blessed life where people LOVE, LIKE and TRUST you. Many have judged me based on my appearance and confidence. Some have said, “She can’t be THAT honest, trustworthy, or good.” My response beneath my breath is “Time will tell.” Consistency in your actions, your daily methods of operation, your faith, your friendships and your word will give you a trust-ability factor that increase the power of your magnetism. Words, without consistent action, and fruit (results), is nothing but HYPE! People want leadership they can follow AND TRUST. Let your words be few and your ACTIONS BE LOUD. (Titus 1:15-16) Don’t be the guy or girl that makes promises you can’t keep. One of my father’s life mantras was to be, “Low profile…HIGH IMPACT”. What he meant was that his efforts were going to no longer be in trying to be “somebody”, but instead, he was going to live to serve, live to give, live to leave a MONUMENTAL imprint on this earth. And boy oh boy did he ever.

So today, don’t assume success is beyond your reach RIGHT NOW. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED to change this world. BE the leader you want to follow. Let God’s unshakable Word rise up inside of you and launch into 2014 with an intentional focus on upping your game in these three areas: BELIEF, WORDS AND ACTIONS.

Like my friend Zig Ziglar always said, “Do this and I’ll see you at the top!”


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