Don’t Get Bitter, Get Better

Get Better

Don’t get bitter… Get Better!

Have you ever had a relationship go sour or business deal end with bitter results?  Perhaps, you’ve experienced complete financial devastation, leaving you wondering what you would do to recover.  Too many times in life, we fail to see the individual events of life as important ingredients to a masterful recipe of victory ahead. It’s time to get better!

Growing up, I thought my Granny made the most unbelievably chocolate cake.  No one could ever make cake like she did.  We all knew she had a secret but she didn’t share it with me till she was 90 years old.

It was a warm sunny day when she took me to her kitchen and showed me the many ingredients she used to create her masterpiece.   She made her cake with real, raw ingredients from scratch.  No boxed mixes.  No cheap fillers.  That day, I not only learned her secret ingredients, but I learned a life-lesson, as well.

As she laid out the ingredients, I tasted them, one by one.  When I got to the cocoa and baking soda, I realized that by themselves, they are nasty, bitter and less than desirable to the taste buds.  But when she began to blend them together, something miraculous took place.  Those same bitter ingredients, became the foundation of the flavor that would evolve into her masterpiece.

Think about YOUR life.  Perhaps you’ve had a rough week, rough year or even a difficult life.  Maybe you’ve gone through failure, divorce, rejection or heartache.  Good news is here.  Don’t look at a single event or circumstance as the lifetime of your recipe.   Those “circumstances” are simply ingredients to a bigger process so don’t get bitter, get better!

YOU are in the “leadership baking” process and your life, your story and your future are a masterpiece in the making.  Don’t stay bitter….get better and allow the ingredients of your life to evolve into sweet victory over time.

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