Do You Have DUMBO Faith?


If you have FAITH as small as a tiny FEATHER, anything is possible.

This morning, I was at our Solavei breakfast, celebrating our leaders who have earned their Fast Action Bonus and many who are already earning over $1,000 per month in just 60-90 days, simply by sharing Solavei with others.   During the breakfast, I received a call that my little girl was at home, very sick, emotional, and crying for her Mommy.  Being a bit away from home, there was quite a wait till I made it home.  As sick as she was, it was amazing how much better she felt just by having “Mommy” by her side.  Suddenly, her perspective changed and hope entered her heart that everything would be alright. She got up and said, “Mommy, will you watch Dumbo with me?”

What changed?  Did she suddenly get better?  Did I have special powers that enabled her to rise?  Actually, what changed was that her perspective.  She believed that Mommy just made everything alright.   It’s the purest example of faith that changes things.

As I write this, she is lying beside and we are watching the classic movie, DUMBO.  I never realized it before, but this little Disney movie is all about PERSPECTIVE, courage, and FAITH.

Dumbo, as you may remember was born with EXTREMELY large ears.  He was ridiculed by the other elephants, being laughed at and eventually thrown aside as an outcast.  But then, one day, he met a little mouse that would change EVERYTHING.

Despite feeling a sense of failure, hopelessness, and discouragement, Dumbo met a friend that would soon help him believe in the miraculous.  The mouse eventually convinced Dumbo that his little feather had magical powers that would help him turn his ears into powerful flying propellers.  He created a sense of hope and expectation in Dumbo that otherwise was missing.  The more Dumbo believed the feather would give him the power to rise, the  more Dumbo used his ears to try to fly.  Finally, despite the voices of opposition from the crows, Dumbo rose to the challenge and elevated his faith with courage.  Then, it happened.  He turned his doubt into faith and turned his big ole ears into an asset that would enable him to do what other elephants would never do……He was able to FLY!

What changed for Dumbo?  Was it REALLY a magical feather?  NO….instead, that brilliant mouse simply helped Dumbo see that the power to fly begins in your belief that you CAN fly.   Similar to my little girl’s faith in MOMMY, when your hope rises, so does your perspective.

What would you do today, if you knew anything was possible?

I’m not sure what your “ears” in life might be that cause you to feel discouraged, rejected, alone, or even weaker than others.  But today, I hold in my hand the feather of FAITH, that if you believe that with God all things are possible, you can rise above your challenges, your past, and those voices of opposition and you can FLY!

I challenge you to set 3 goals that stretch you to go where you’ve never gone before, do what you once deemed impossible, and take steps of faith that allow you to hold the feather of faith up for others.

I believe I can fly…..AND YOU CAN TO!

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As a highly sought after speaker, author and thought leader Staci Wallace speaks about how true transformational change happens in the marketplace and enables leaders to become the catalyst of organizational and personal change desperately needed today. With over 10 years in Executive Corporate Leadership, 15 in global ministry and 29 years in raising networks into the hundreds of thousands in direct sales, Staci's is known for her show, Warrior DNA, where she teaches leadership principles that demand a higher standard of excellence.  Her distinctions in business success have enabled her to share the stage with five U.S. Presidents, Zig Ziglar, pro-athletes, and many other high profile leaders of this generation.

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Jo Silvey says February 27, 2013

I believe I can Fly…..

Maribel says March 27, 2013

With God all things are possible…I will fly!!!!

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