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The UBC Personal Coaching Program

What if you could wake up every day ready to conquer life with absolute certainty, energy, passion and a sense of overall wellness? What if you could, once and for all, move beyond your hope for change into the reality of living the life of your dreams….spirit, soul AND BODY?  Whether you want to lose weight, run that marathon, conquer fears, or improve your overall wellness, the Ultimate Body Challenge Personal Coaching Program will empower you to move from where you are, to that place called BEST. More>

Vortex F5

This is Staci’s most powerful personal and professional coaching package.  For 90 days, Staci will work with you and your team or organization to produce measured results that align with your culture, DNA, and corporate or personal core values.  This proven coaching process enables participants to break through limited belief systems, overcome personal barriers, and step into a place of peak performance.  If you are serious about becoming a FORCE of change in the world or have an organization you want to inject with a new sense of clarity and focus, driven by RESULTS, this coaching package is for you.   More>

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Next Level Leadership

When good teams stop producing GREAT results, it’s up to GREAT leaders to create the shift that changes the results.  Staci’s Next Level Leadership program uses a three step process called, DISCOVER – DESIGN -DELIVER to create measurable increase in a team’s productivity.  In the DISCOVER process a DNA “needs” analysis is done on your team so that a clearly defined plan of increase can be DESIGNed that allows for an increase in baseline growth that can be DELIVERed upon daily.  . More>

Winning At Work & Life

Staci has worked with some of the nation’s top income producing women who have proven to be brilliant at achieving success at work only to lose in life due to mis-managed emotions or confused values.  The “Winning @ Work & Life” program allows Staci to directly help leaders discover the art of balancing the many responsibilities of work and life while maintaining quality relationships, finances, fitness, and overall peace on the journey to sustainable success. . More>

 Staci Wallace Website Testimonials

“Staci Wallace gives you a strategic game plan with clear instructions as to how you can capture, enjoy and benefit from God’s mission for your life. Staci will enable you to understand and believe that God can and will make something marvelous out of your life while giving you strategies how to get there.”    – Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author

“For over 12 years, Staci has had such a positive impact on our company and events through each of her performances at our National Success Seminars. The energy, enthusiasm and passion she puts into her work has added immeasurable success to our events.”      -Peter Lowe, CEO, Get Motivated

“Staci posses a God ordained inner light which can be seen the moment she walks in a room. Her leadership style is one focused around being a servant, coach and friend. I’ve learned a lifetime of lessons from her in all aspects of my life – mind, body and soul. She has been a best friend, confidant and spiritual counselor to me in both good and challenging times. No matter where she goes massive success appears for those surrounding her. If I had to choose one person in the world to go into battle with it would be Staci Wallace.”    – James Leonhardt, Social Networker & SCAC Member

“When I came to Staci, I was a wreck.  I was a Sr. Customer Service rep for a major mobile operator and my job created a lot of stress and negativity.  I weighed 330 pounds and was told by doctors that I would probably not live to see my 41st birthday. That is when I started coaching sessions with Staci Wallace.  I quit my job, moved across the United States, and risked all I had for the hope that God would use Staci’s coaching to bring significant and lasting change to my life.   I can’t even put in words the impact Staci’s coaching has had on my life.  In 17 months, I have lost 175 pounds.  I have a new sense of purpose, destiny, and joy for the future.  Thank you, Staci for not only changing my life, but for saving my life and helping me see that God can use the worst of my past to bring the best out in others!”     -Denise Gerrich, Sr. Customer Service Supervisor

“Staci Wallace is one of those people that comes in to your life humbly, yet leaves a massive impact in every area of your existence. She will bring out the very BEST parts of your mind, your heart, and your talents.  Staci has the gift of being able to push past your limits while simultaneously nurturing you in order to bring out your very best. That is a powerful combination that will help you achieve new heights that you may have never imagined possible. While she’s undeniably hilarious and insanely fun to be around, Staci is serious when it comes to business strategy; getting to the “heart” of what’s holding you back, and how to overcome the obstacles in your way. I thank God every day for putting her in my life. Staci has been my coach for a season, but she is my friend for a lifetime.   -Laura Wells, President of The Heartlink Network

“Owning our own businesses has always been a way of life for my husband and I. We have learned the concept of working smarter not harder and have always embraced the reality of finding a duplicatable system that gives us the ability to own a business and not have that business own us.   We also share a deep passion for helping others and wanting to mentor them to learn the same principles that have brought us success. Through Staci’s coaching program and corporate solutions, we have tapped into the ability to take the knowledge we have and bring transformation into the lives of others.  Staci has shared business ideas and even products that have enabled us to create a new model of duplication for others.  Staci Wallace brings to the table a powerful coaching method that has allowed change to happen not only to us, but through us, in a way we can then pass it on to future generations.”     – Karen Imhoff, Sales Executive

“I left home at the age of 13 and never had anyone teach me about money or how to manage it. Recently, our finances were so bad we had to give our vehicles back in voluntary repossession. Then I attended Staci’s Smart Money Workshop in Hot Springs, AR.  The concepts were so simple that it was like a lightbulb went off as I listened. During one of the homework sessions I found close to $1500. of waisted money that we are “bleeding” each month. Thank God for Smart Money and Staci Wallace.”    – Chris Dickson, Massage Therapist

“Today, I attended Staci’s conference. It was an extraordinary event that changed my life! I took my teenage daughters to the concert even though they said, “Mom, why are you dragging us to this?” Well, after we were there and when it was all over, they both had tears in their eyes. My 13 year old said, “Mom, I want to do better. I want to follow God’s purposes for my life.” All the way home, we listened to Staci’s Emerge CD and allowed it to sink into our soul. Thank you, Staci for your inspiration. – J.M., MOM

“Wow! What an amazing blog! I couldn’t figure out why I am suddenly obsessed with this site and this sums it up perfectly. I’ve tried for years to pursue my dreams, and I always got knocked down by something going on in my life and it quickly collected dust until I dared to pick it up again. Now I am really committed to launching my business.  It’s much harder to do things alone. When I log onto this site almost multiple times a day, it gives me that push I need to keep moving towards my dreams. Life happens, BUT when I get those encouraging comments from Staci and read the posts, I feel back on track to plow forward, and finish strong!  – Karl N.