Maintain Life Balance With A Busy Schedule

With over 60,000 members in my Solavei Social Commerce Network and a growing vision of global expansion, I am often asked, “Staci, how do you do it?  How do you maintain life balance with such a busy schedule?”

Watch this video and I will show you 3 of my most valuable Life Balance tips:

Winning at work while still thriving in your relationships, health, and life is not only a mission possible, but it is simple when you prune out the excess and allow your time to be maximized daily. 

Here are the 3 tips I cover in the video on how to maintain life balance.

Never let what is good become robber of what is best in your life.

Never let what is good become robber of what is best in your life.


1.  Keep the main thing the main thing. (See video)

2.  Never let what is “good” become robber to what is “best”.

3.  Live a core values driven life and priorize your time according to what matters most NOT what seems most urgent.

More tips tomorrow!


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The Solavei Mission Of Generosity

Solavei Onboarding Timeline Cropped

I’m 33,000 feet in the air, flying home after a weekend of sharing the Solavei Mission of Generosity with the city of Fresno, CA. 

What a blessing it is to be able to get paid to help people save money on things they would otherwise overspend on every day.    I wake up daily with immense GRATITUDE, knowing God has prepared me and my family for such a time as this.  As I sat in a room full of Spanish-speaking people coming to learn about Solavei this weekend, I was hit with two thoughts.  1.  I REALLY need to finish that Rosetta Stone Spanish course.  2.  My father would be proud of what his kids are up to these days, as we are finishing the mission he started a long time ago.

My brother, Ryan Wuerch, CEO and founder of Solavei, and I grew up watching our father and grandfather fly to Mexico year after year serving, selflessly, the needs of the people and pastors in some of the poorest areas of the world.  I remember him telling us the stories of the people, the love, and the hope they had for a better future.  I always thought that one day, I, too, would be used as a missionary to nations around the world.  Little did I know that God would call my brother, my family, and I to a “MISSION” that would not only allow us to reach all people with hope and love, but that He would give us a company that would help provide financial sustainability to those families we would reach. 

The Solavei Mission is on course to change the economics of America and eventually the world, and this weekend, I saw in the faces of the people, the reason why NOW is the time.

Today, when I saw this picture, which was shot on Day One of Solavei’s launch.  I was the first person in Solavei history to enroll as a member.  As I entered the system, we all celebrated with such joy and expectancy,  knowing we were about to change the lives of millions of people and disrupt entire industries.  Now, after only a few months, we have paid out over $8 MILLION to the members of Solavei, broken industry records, and we, as a family, are watching the “Solavei Mission” unfold as a reality.

Daddy thumbs upAs I walk through the halls of our corporate headquarters and see the values of generosity, connection, and initiative painted on the wall, I feel deeply inspired that my father must be smiling down on his kids with a heavenly thumbs up.  Before he passed, he looked at my brother and I and said, if you two could ever come together, you could change the world.  I believe he was right.  I am so humbled and honored to know that my brother loves people the way he does.  I am grateful for the corporate team that said “yes” to building this incredible vision.  And I am honored that I was invited me to be a part of birthing this incredible MISSION.

Grateful?   You better believe it.  I am grateful to God for the heritage of generosity that was set before us by our father and grandfather.  I am grateful for the ability to give generously to the lives of so many others through an economic shift that could change history.  I am grateful for every member that has said, “Yes” to joining us in this mission to change the economics of America and eventually the world.   Together, we are making a difference and the BEST is yet to come.

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Starbucks, Solavei & Staci

Yesterday, a good friend of mine came to town and I took her to the historic “original” Starbucks in downtown Seattle, WA.   As she and my kids enjoyed the fun, I couldn’t help but think about the amazing feat it has been to take something as ordinary as coffee and turn it into such a profitable powerhouse.  Watch this video and learn a short lesson on Starbucks, Solavei & your own business sustainability.

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Do You Have DUMBO Faith?

If you have FAITH as small as a tiny FEATHER, anything is possible.

This morning, I was at our Solavei breakfast, celebrating our leaders who have earned their Fast Action Bonus and many who are already earning over $1,000 per month in just 60-90 days, simply by sharing Solavei with others.   During the breakfast, I received a call that my little girl was at home, very sick, emotional, and crying for her Mommy.  Being a bit away from home, there was quite a wait till I made it home.  As sick as she was, it was amazing how much better she felt just by having “Mommy” by her side.  Suddenly, her perspective changed and hope entered her heart that everything would be alright. She got up and said, “Mommy, will you watch Dumbo with me?”

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Gift For You

YOU are destined to leave a unique imprint on the earth.  Your life has a divine purpose.  After 25 years of sharing this message to millions of people around the globe, Staci wants to share this message in a concise package for EVERYONE that joins her mailing list.

Whether you recognize and are building upon that purpose or need to resurrect your passion and belief for the greatness within you, this FREE 4-Part series will inspire you to step out of where your are and into a new place of greater effectiveness.

Get instant access to Staci’s four-part audio session “Resurrect Your Greatness”.  These sessions are absolutely packed with dynamic leadership tips and powerful inspiration to help you operate at a level of peak performance.

Topics included in these sessions include:

<a href=””><img class=”alignleft wp-image-1091″ style=”margin: 5px; border: 0pt none;” title=”ebook_potential” alt=”" src=”×1024.jpg” width=”128″ height=”156″ /></a>
<h5><span style=”color: #000000;”>•  Part 1 – Identify Your Greatness</span></h5>
<h5><span style=”color: #000000;”>•  Part 2 – Understand Your Purpose</span></h5>
<h5><span style=”color: #000000;”>•  Part 3 – Overcome Obstacles </span></h5>
<h5><span style=”color: #000000;”>•  Part 4 – Deploy Your Greatness</span></h5>

Not My Normal Blog Post…..YOU CAN DO THIS!


There are times in life that we find ourselves looking around saying, “How did I get here?”  “What do I do next?”  Sometimes, it’s because of great accomplishments and spoken in a state of gratitude and need for higher direction….other times it’s because we are lost and are praying for a way of escape from life’s challenges.

Today, at 3 am, I found myself asking those same questions.  Sitting in my office, I sat seeking God for guidance on decisions I must make on behalf of tens of thousands of people that look to me for wisdom, leadership, and strength.  I felt led to put on my iTunes and just bask in the presence of God for a moment to still my mind and soul and “wait” on Him.

It didn’t take long before I found myself in tears before my Maker, crying “Abba, Father….I Need You!  I need your wisdom, guidance, and fortitude to lead these people to the place YOU call BEST. Help me – help them.  For in my own strength, I am only another human striving for perfection, trying using my talents to do something great in this world.  But IN YOU, I am an oracle of hope that represents a mandate that requires Your Divine intervention to accomplish the vision before me.  I want to partner with you to create something bigger than myself in this world.  Something bigger than profits, prosperity, or personal accomplishment.  Show me YOUR way and give me the wisdom to lead on YOUR behalf so I might take a generation to a place they’ve never been before and to a life that leads them to LASTING peace and prosperity, even in the midst of uncertainty.”

As I sat in that moment of stillness and tears, a song suddenly came on my computer by Celine Dion.  At first, I moved to turn it off, thinking that it would interrupt  my precious stillness before God.  But then, I listened…..REALLY  listened.   “You were my strength when I was weak….You were my voice when I couldn’t speak….You were my eyes when I couldn’t see….You gave me faith because YOU BELIEVE.”   As I continued to listened, I heard a message from my Father, both heavenly and my Daddy, who passed away 2 years ago speaking into me a word of encouragement that seemed to awaken and fill me with a fresh confidence to step into this upcoming year with the assurance of knowing that when God’s gives us a vision….he will also be the source of provision that brings it to pass.  He will be our strength, even when we feel too small to accomplish the task.

I suddenly realized that I am not alone.   I am not leading this tribe of passionate warriors by myself.  Instead, I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, angels, and the presence of God saying, “YOU CAN DO THIS…..I have created you, prepared you, and molded you FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.   I will send the laborers and leaders that will help you.  You need not worry about the HOW….Just focus on the “WHO” I am placing before you.  You take care of the people….I will take care of the systems and processes needed to make it happen.  You are what you are and have what you have today…..BECAUSE I LOVE YOU and have entrusted you to lead.”

Today, I challenge you to believe in God’s ability to guide you, even when the task seems bigger than your capabilities.  Trust in the fact that you have overcome many obstacles in your life that prepared you for this moment of victory.   Give glory to God and celebrate Him, even in the stillness of your searching for direction.

I pray that you stop today and take time to get the bigger picture of what you are being asked to do in this season of your life.  You are not alone….YOU CAN DO THIS.  You were created, prepared, and molded FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.


Here is the song that I still have on loop, speaking to my heart…..even now.  02 Because You Loved Me



What a precious season to take time and give thanks for the many blessings of our lives!  As I sit here writing this email to the thousands of members of Solavei, I can’t help but thank God for the blessing of new friends, BIG IDEAS, family intimacy and the privilege to live in a country that offers us the chance to set our own boundaries for success.

Isn’t it funny how we put so much effort into a day, when, in actuality, it should be the season of lifetime.  Nonetheless, this year, I am blessed beyond measure by the amazing joy to be a Founding Member of Solavei and a part of a cause worth celebrating.   As I reflect on the many blessings of my life , I want to stop and say “Thank You” to the people who have helped me become the woman and leader I am today.

I Am Eternally Thankful For:

My Intimacy With God -  I live, breath, work, sleep, dream and hunger to know that my life honors the one who gave me life.  As the source of all I do and all I ever will be, I honor God as the ultimate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of my life.

My Husband (Larry Wallace) -  When you live with someone for 15 years, you know them like no one else on earth.  That is why I can say, with absolute certainty, that I am married to the most incredible man I know and a leader worth following.   His love, honor, loyalty, wisdom and leadership in our home, along with our faith in God, is what makes me wake up every day believing I am unstoppable and able to move mountains.

My Children (Payton & Alexia)-  I remember the day I first saw their precious faces and I suddenly knew a depth of love that is indescribable.  Holding them in my arms, I would sing, “You Are So Beautiful To Me” and could hear the voice of my heavenly Father say, “And that is exactly what I feel about YOU!”   As my love for their daddy grows every single day, I can see how even our love for each other has enabled them to know LOVE and become role-models of that love, joy, peace, hope, and compassion for others.  I see their father and THE Father’s love in them daily.  I am eternally grateful to know that they are the seed of legacy God will allow me to sow into the future.

My Parents (Ron & Donna Wuerch) -  I think back on all the years of sowing into my life and my heart overflows with gratitude for my mom and dad.  What would I be today without their constant love, encouragement, wisdom and leadership?  From daily vocal training, stage coaching, ministry insight and rigorous leadership development to never missing a single basketball game, sitting with me during competitions and all the times they held me during the toughest seasons of my life, I AM because they chose to believe in what could be.  Though my Daddy is on assignment in heaven now, I can still hear he and my mother saying, “Get Up!  You can beat this.  Nothing is impossible for you can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you.”

My Brother (Ryan Wuerch) -  We fought, we played, we laughed, we plotted, we played pranks, and grew to see one another’s strengths in operation.  What a joy this season of life has become as we have, now, parntered to change the world of commerce as we know it with Solavei!   My heart is full of gratitude for he and my “sis”, Shawntel, for inspiring me daily to lead a revolution of change that will give opportunity for millions to experience financial change.

Zig Ziglar – Everyone has mentors who help form who they are in life.  Since a child, my father spoon fed me the motivational books of Zig Ziglar.  By 18 it became a goal to meet him and by 27, I was sharing the stage and a season of life with the man I would grow to call “Pops”.  Today, he is no longer storming the stages of grandeur that were once home to his talents and passion for others.  Instead, his stage of impact lies in the hearts of leaders like myself, who will gratefully carry the same message of God’s love to the marketplace and world.

The People I Call “MY FRIENDS” – Whether you are family, associates, FB peeps, Twitter pals or business partners in my life, I am deeply grateful for the joy of knowing that your alignments have helped me stay on assignment for 43 years now!  (Wow!  Did I just admit that?)   From my infancy, I can see God’s strategic hand in the alignments of my life.  You have prepared me for such a time as this, and I truly believe our biggest days are still ahead.   Some of you have been in my life for a season, some for a reason, and some for a lifetime, but ALL of you have been on PURPOSE and are valued in my eyes more than you could ever know.  Thank you for believing in me and celebrating this special season together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Slaying Your Giants

This morning I awoke early with a sense of expectancy in my heart.  It was like an overwhelming hunger for something more than I have seen or heard.  As I walked downstairs in the silence of my home, my family rested sound asleep.  Despite the silence, however, I could hear in such a magnified way, the sounds around me.  It was as though I had been awakened….truly awakened.  My senses were heightened and my hunger insatiable.

Alone in the dark, I began to sing…..quietly at first and then passionately.  I sang a worship song that my Grandfather used to have us sing in his church when I was just a child.  “Jesus…Jesus….Jesus…There’s just something about that name….”

Fighting Giants Bigger Than Yourself

The memory of my Grandfather, praying a blessing over me as I knelt before him at church one Sunday, was indelibly engrained into my memory and now, suddenly, was made vivid before me.  It was that day, that he spoke a blessing over my life and my talents, that I knew my life would leave an imprint on the earth.  He said, “You are anointed to speak the truth.  You will go where others will not go and do what has never been done.  You will fight giants bigger than yourself and remember that the battles you will face will not be yours, but God will fight them for you.”

I will never forget one of the last things he said before his passing.  As I knelt again, years later, at the feet of his frail body, he looked at me and said, “Staci, I like my preaching like I take my coffee.  Give it to me straight.”

With that thought in mind, today, I begin blogging again with the heart to set the record straight.  Why do I do what I do?  It is because I KNOW my life is a gift from God and what I do with it will be my gift of gratitude back to Him.  I seek to do the IMPOSSIBLE, because I believe that if what you seek to do has already been done then you are living in the shadow of other men.  But if you brave to go to uncharted territories, then you must have faith in what is unknown, unseen, and follow a voice that is BIGGER than you, WISER than you, and ABLE to fight battles that you may otherwise, coward away from.

Fighting For A Cause Bigger Than Yourself

Today, I sit here at 3:54 a.m. praying for YOU.  If you are reading this, then somehow, you are near me, whether by internet or by location.  If you are with me, you, too, are being called to a place of heightened awareness.  It is time to wake up.  I mean REALLY wake up!  I urge you to remember the reason you decided to do what you do.  Is merely for personal gain?  If so, then you will be distracted by the things around you that are elementary and temporary.  If you are fighting for a cause that is BIGGER than you, then you will keep that image of that goal indelibly before you, knowing that momentary pain may result in the long-term gain of others.

No great leader has EVER accomplished greatness with ease, simplicity or pain-free existence.  Instead, their lives, their businesses, and their accomplishments were forged on the anvil of adversity, where their leadership was seen, not by the days of ease and luxury, but instead, their greatest days were illuminated by the backdrop of adversity that created a storybook of victory over defeat.

While Others See Opposition, Leaders See Potential Victory

Again remembering my grandfather, I remember learning about the story of David and Goliath.  David, a mere shepherd boy, walked directly into the line of opposition, surrounded by arrogant Philistines and cowardly Israelites.  Seeing the BIGGNESS of the opposition and the weakness of his own people, DAVID woke up, not just physically, but something on the inside said, “I was born for such a time as this.”   His senses were heightened and his faith secure that day he chose to take on the BIG GUYS.  While others backed away in fear at the mere size of Goliath, David saw nothing but the result such a victory could bring for His people.  While the Israelite soldiers, backed away in fear, frustration, and fatigue, David rose to the challenge of his opposition.  He knew in his heart that it was HIS TIME and that field of war was HIS PLACE.  More importantly, seeing that others were unwilling to fight the battle, he knew he was THE ONE to take the big guys down.

He wasn’t trained in much, but he did know 3 things.  One…he could protect sheep and he could protect people.   Seeing God’s people in a weakened state, even though they claimed to be warriors, David understood his role to protect and provide.  Two…David had already killed a lion and a bear in his past, so he knew how to fight the big guys with more than physical strength, for David was a worshiper, backed by a powerful God.   And three….David knew his skills.  Picking up 5 smooth stones, he pulled out his slingshot with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY and verbally declared war on the Philistines, followed by ACTION that resulted in victory.

The prize?  David was given leadership, love, financial increase, respect, and his own measure of rule that would one day make him king.

NOW Is Your Time

Isn’t it about time you, too, wake up to realize that the battle you are fighting, though big and daunting, very well, may be the battle you are called to fight that will lead you to your greatest place of victory?   NOW is your time.  THIS is your place. And YOU are the one to boldy go where others fear of going and doing the IMPOSSIBLE.

As you approach today, take courage in knowing that your past has prepared you for this season of life.  You were born for such a time as this.  You have experienced much to equip you to be the leader and voice of hope to the world around you.  I challenge you today to rise to the challenge of your adversary and use everything you’ve got to boldly go where others fear of going.

And, even as I write this to you, I can hear my Grandpa tell me , as well, “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!”

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