Stephen Baldwin Switches To The Solavei Affordable Mobile Plan


Multiple superstars and athletes are switching their families to Solavei and now Stephen Baldwin switches to the Solavei Affordable Mobile Plan. Recently I had the privilege of being on a call with actor, producer and radio host, Stephen Baldwin, talking about Solavei and how it going to change … [Read more...]

Fishing For New Business

Staci Wallace, Solavei Social Executive, takes the audience on a fishing adventure.

Are you looking for ways to increase the size of your business or expand the reach of your personal brand?  Maybe it's time you go fishing for new business and try a few new techniques. When my Solavei Network grew to tens of thousands of members in only 4 months after the launch of Solavei, I … [Read more...]

More Tips on Life Balance

Staci Wallace, Solavei Social Executive, shares tips on how to gain better work life balance.

If you saw yesterday's video, then you know that life balance is a topic that I am questioned about daily as I lead tens of thousands of people, while strategically giving my BEST time to my family.  Here are a few more tips to help you regain the balance you need to thrive at work and LIFE. Is it … [Read more...]

Maintain Life Balance With A Busy Schedule

Never let what is good become robber of what is best in your life.

With over 60,000 members in my Solavei Social Commerce Network and a growing vision of global expansion, I am often asked, "Staci, how do you do it?  How do you maintain life balance with such a busy schedule?" Watch this video and I will show you 3 of my most valuable Life Balance … [Read more...]

The Solavei Mission Of Generosity

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I'm 33,000 feet in the air, flying home after a weekend of sharing the Solavei Mission of Generosity with the city of Fresno, CA.  What a blessing it is to be able to get paid to help people save money on things they would otherwise overspend on every day.    I wake up daily with immense … [Read more...]

Starbucks, Solavei & Staci

Yesterday, a good friend of mine came to town and I took her to the historic "original" Starbucks in downtown Seattle, WA.   As she and my kids enjoyed the fun, I couldn't help but think about the amazing feat it has been to take something as ordinary as coffee and turn it into such a profitable … [Read more...]

Do You Have DUMBO Faith?

Faith as small as a feather can make the impossible....possible.

This morning, I was at our Solavei breakfast, celebrating our leaders who have earned their Fast Action Bonus and many who are already earning over $1,000 per month in just 60-90 days, simply by sharing Solavei with others.   During the breakfast, I received a call that my little girl was at home, … [Read more...]

Gift For You

YOU are destined to leave a unique imprint on the earth.  Your life has a divine purpose.  After 25 years of sharing this message to millions of people around the globe, Staci wants to share this message in a concise package for EVERYONE that joins her mailing list. Whether you recognize and are … [Read more...]