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SHIfT Happens (Wk 1 – Reset)

It’s been decades since Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” And yet, those words still hold true today for the life and quest of great entrepreneurs. Bottom line, challenges WILL come your way and the familiar phrase “@#%& Happens” will, no doubt, hit you at some point in your journey. The secret behind GREAT […]

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Target Marketing

Right Pond – Right Bait – Best Clients Target Marketing Want to elevate your effectiveness in building your business or any other product or service you are promoting? Want to have an endless reservoir of clients or prospects who come back for more? Are you ready for a fresh look at your target market? Let’s […]

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Staci Wallace Products

Products Staci has spent over 20 years writing songs, recording her music and developing training materials and books that have inspired millions to stand up in the face of mediocrity and take a quantum leap into a blessed life where anything is possible.  Whether it is one of her many CD’s, Books, or Coaching Programs, […]

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