Tonight, we took time to watch Bill Winston’s latest message on “Ownership”.  WOW! I know a lot of people that need this message RIGHT NOW. Every year, Larry and I pray, asking God for the “title” of that year. ie. One year was “Simplify”, one year was “boldness”, and then this year, we felt led to call our year the year of OWNERSHIP. Perhaps that is why this message hit home so profoundly to my spirit.

“Until you can SEE it, you will never OWN it. You are designed to manifest what you SEE AND BELIEVE.”

How do you “see”? You see with your mind and confirm it with your thoughts and words. If you see lack, chaos, rejection, and poverty, you will continue to manifest those things in your life. Your faith is LOCKED to what you SEE and begins to manifest those things in your life. If you lose sight…you lose faith. Believing is SEEING. Seeing is OWNING.

When you stop BELIEVING, you stop SEEING and then you stop manifesting the very thing you once believed in.

Voices or people that come to distract you are there, not to steal your money….they come to steal your sight, faith and belief. If they can get you to waiver on your BELIEF…they will take you off the path of RECEIVING.Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.54.22 PM

If you can see what others can’t SEE, you will have what others won’t have and do what others will never do! The enemy of your dreams doesn’t come to blind your eyes….instead, the enemy comes to bring fear, distractions, and doubt to STEAL YOUR SIGHT (faith & belief). The enemy is a strongman that messes with your mind.

It’s time to SEE again. Renew your mind. Bind the “strongman” that has come to steal your belief. Lock your faith into the vision and refuse to let your faith be shaken. ONLY BELIEVE….then receive!

Visioneering Your Life

Disney FB coverWhat causes someone to believe in the impossible?  Have you ever wondered how some of the common inventions we live with today were dreamed up and brought to life?

This morning, I was watching my kids play a wildly successful game on their phone called Mindcraft.  Can you imagine the vision and tenacity it took to create the world’s first mobile game, Tetris, in 1994?   One can only imagine the hurdles the visioneers of Tetris had to overcome to create the code for such an idea, not to mention the research and resources needed to bring it to life. That first little game has opened doors for new technologies, app stores, and given new life to the way business is done around the world.

visioneeringThe evolution of great vision begins with a visionary leader willing to take risks in engineering the vision in their heart.  In his book, Visioneering, Andy Stanley, talks about how visions move from dreams to moral imperatives.  I like to describe it like this, “A visioneer is a dreamer who BELIEVES in their dreams so much that what once was an idea of what “could be”, becomes an imperative for what “should be”, and then moves into a deep conviction of what “MUST BE”.

It is at the stage of “MUST BE” that action begins to take place, research is done, resources begin to be acquired, and the plan is laid in place.  This is also the stage when outside forces try to stop the vision from thriving.  “It’s never been done before.”   “There are too many limitations.”  “If it was possible, someone else would have done it already.”  “Is it really worth the investment?”  “What if you fail?”

When a dream no longer becomes a wish, it then becomes VISION, or a deep hungering for creativity that can bring about change.  It is then that the visioneer begins to take action, make investments, creates strategic alignments, and begins the process of engineering the vision.

The ability to see past what IS to what MUST BE is the gift of leaders who are driven by VISION.  They hunger for change.  They long for better, more reliable resources, technologies, government, organizations, policies, and inventions. Visioneers are those rare dreamers who have moved beyond “hoping” for change, and who become the catalyst of change they want to see in this world.

Visioneers engineer visions that others would deem impossible. They take risk others walk away from.  They execute on the thoughts others consider good ideas.  They live with no regret because they took the mystery and gave it life.

God is the source of all great inventions and the giver of all wisdom.  When you pray for increase or creativity, do you follow-up with the BELIEF and effort to bring those things to life?  You are in divine partnership with God to engineer His ideas and bring them to life.

What are you visioneering in your life?  What is that moral imperative that you once thought “should” be, but has grown into something that MUST be.  What do you believe needs to be adjusted in this world so that life, as we know it, can flourish?  Is there something in your heart that you believe must happen for advancement to take place around you? 

If so, put on your vision goggles and your engineer’s hat and start visioneering your life..  Then, tweak that vision, invest in that vision, and be willing to grow with that vision until it becomes reality!

LIFE Lessons from Yahtzee

YahtzeeWhat on earth can a leader learn as LIFE LESSONS from Yahtzee?

Lately, I have to admit, I have had an unusual amount of negative people around me, complaining about their lives, worrying about their futures, or just apathetic towards creating change that would disrupt their negative circumstances.  Then, yesterday, my “personal best” – was less, because I started to allow their FUNK get on me and effect my attitude.

I came home after work feeling like the FUN had been sucked from my day, which for those who know me, is RARE in my world. I determine to make life FUN, exciting, full of LIFE and energy most of the time.  I have always said, “If it’s not FUN …I’m OUT.”

So, I came home after a long day, and decided to add some FUN back into my day.  I took a hot bath fizzing with one of my favorite Lush Bombs given to me on Valentine’s Day.  Then I came out of my room and announced to my family….”Who wants to play some games?”

The night was filled with Hide and Seek, laughter and an enlightening game of Yahtzee that disrupted my apathy.  Now, let me set the stage…..I usually win Yahtzee and enjoy the process immensely.  When I play a game, a sport or take on almost any adventure, I approach the table with quite the confidence of winning…..or total domination.  Just give me a little competition, and I’m ALL IN!

Last night, however, I was not on my “A” game, mentally, and instead, my son approached the game saying, “Tonight…I win!”  I realized quickly how annoying those positive, optimistic, faith-filled people can be, when you are in a FUNK.  Every time he rolled the dice, he would have Buddy, his dog, lick his hand and then proclaim, “God, let’s do this!”  And on EVERY turn, he would shout, “YAHTZEE” as he rolled the dice!

Every turn, he rolled the dice with an absolute faith that the game was tilted in his favor, expecting to win, and expecting Yahtzee.   He rolled two Yahtzees during that one game, and completely DOMINATED his father and I.

When I woke up this morning, I decided to take a lesson from my son and his epic Yahtzee performance.  I sat up from my pillow and exclaimed…..

“YAHTZEE!  Today is mine.  My day is filled with FUN, joy, life, happiness and people who are life-givers.  I am a magnet for blessings.  I can’t outrun the goodness and mercy of God.  Financial increase and abundance are overtaking me today, and I have favor with all people.  Negativity and FUNK is repelled from my presence as I am surrounded by a barrier of light and love that is more powerful than any negative life-sucker around me.  I am a living, breathing, walking vessel of God’s love on this planet.   I am not looking for a move of God…..I AM A MOVE OF GOD and today…I will land with joy and confidence on the world around me!   1-2-3 YAHTZEE!”


Salt & Light Leadership


What does it mean to operate with Salt & Light Leadership?  I woke up this morning, hearing the voice of my Papaw singing (a little off key), “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand…..all other ground is sinking sand.”   He was a GREAT man and so was my Daddy.  I remember the day I knelt before them both at the altar of our church in 1994 and received my ordination into the ministry.

The scripture read over me that day was from Matthew 5:14, which reads, “You are the salt of the earth; but if salt becomes tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp-stand so it can give light to all who are in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

That day, I accepted the calling to “go into all of the world and preach the GOOD NEWS to everyone.”  It was at that moment that I realized my life was no longer my own, but I had been bought by God with a hefty price and I would live a life of servant leadership.  And much like Ethan Hunt from the movie, Mission Impossible, I had accepted the mission to go and do whatever was required of me in each season of my life with a willingness to live and , having done ALL to stand for that mission.  Usually, that required me to step into roles that carried heavy responsibilities and I would even question my own abilities to perform on that level.   However, when you are SENT by God with what seems to be an impossible vision, HE is the one who gives the PROVISION to empower you to execute on the plan with absolute precision.

Sometimes, I, too, feel like giving up just like the rest of the world.  But then I awaken to realize that this life is a vapor and I have only ONE CHANCE to leave a monumental impact on the earth.  My reactions to life are the BEST way to show my children how to fight the GOOD fight of a warrior.  They will not remember the money I made, they will remember my responses to adversity and how I reacted when the times got tough.  That is why warriors get back up and despite the wounds of war…..THEY FIGHT.

Today, my peers call me Princess Warrior and though it is often said with humor, I wear that title as a badge of honor.  In 2008, I wrote out a life mission statement I like to call my Divine Mandate on Earth.  It reads:   “I am a warrior, sent to awaken sleeping warriors to arise and step into their Divine Mandate and follow the God-life, in which they were destined to rule and reign.”

When I accepted my ordination back in 1994, I had to decide what I would fight for in life.  What would I serve?  Would I serve money, man, mansions, corporate agendas or seek the popularity of masses?    Or would I live, breath, fight for and serve THE ONE that holds the future in His hands? Would I make HIS voice the one I listen to and whose missions I accept to pursue?   I chose BIG that day.  I chose to live for the audience of one….THE ONE.   I chose to take my orders and my applause from THE ONE.  Interestingly enough, when you fight for a KING like that, you will attain a lot of spoils, and the companies, people and family you fight for win, as well.

In 2014, you will be given many opportunities to choose who or what you will fight for in life.  Choose your battles wisely.  Is a fight with your wife really the battle you have been sent to win?  Is a fight with your peers to get your own way really worth the pain, emotions or toxic damage it will do to your armor?  Here is a tip for emerging warriors:  FIGHT THE RIGHT BATTLES — those battles of values and significance.

When it comes to God’s Divine Mandate on your life….FIGHT WITH PASSION.  Fight the GOOD fight of faith.  Fight to win over darkness, depression, evil, and serve the good of all mankind.  But when it comes to fighting for your own way, your ego, or your own selfish motives….GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO BE RIGHT and lay down your weapons.   Instead….pick up a salt shaker and a light bulb and step back into your Divine Calling to be Salt and Light to the world around you.
Happy New Year, my warrior friends.   Let’s spice things up and LIGHT UP THE WORLD together.

Above & Not Beneath

on-top-of-the-worldWhen people ask me, “Staci, how do you consistently end up on top of the competition over and over and over again?”, I laugh as so many want to believe that it must be due to some type of “unfair advantage”, relational privilege, inside information, or timing beyond their control.

The truth, however, is that I know a LOT of people in “privileged” situations or who were blessed to be positioned at the forefront of a big opportunity and yet they never rise to the challenge of their potential and simply fail in performance, marriage, business and life.

So, do you want to know the real SECRET SAUCE? You better STOP reading this right now if you want to live with excuses in the future because what I am going to tell you is the TRUTH behind my success over and over and over again. It is simple. In fact, it is SO simple you will judge it as “not enough”. You will say, “Surely, there must be more”. But the fact remains, ONLY you can control it.

Here it is….

BELIEF#1….BELIEF - My belief is not in earthly people, things, companies or products. I’m not looking for someone to give me a vision, a speech, a marketing plan, or lead me with a new idea, or incentive. I don’t need someone or something to lead me to my “Promised Land”. My BELIEF is that I live in my Promised Land and my hope is built on NOTHING less than God’s faithfulness to bless me according to Duet. 28: 1-14. I am like a giant magnet to blessings and the people I associate with that come alongside that belief with absolute certainty WILL BE BLESSED. That is the foundation of my belief and I KNOW that I can’t help but rise to the top because it is a part of a covenant that I have that can not be broken. (READ DEUT. 28:1-14)


WORDS#2….WORDS. I make sure my WORDS and actions line up with my belief no matter what!!! When my father was in his last moments on earth, I did not worry, fret, speak words of doubt or go into mourning. Instead, I looked my daddy in the eyes and said, “Daddy, this body does NOT define you. Your BEST days are in front of you and I am honored to continue the journey and fulfill the mission set before me.” Instead of doubt and fear due to change, I elevated my expectancy, knowing that GOD controls the breath of life and He alone controls the success of my future. If I align my WORDS with His Word and live them out daily…I WILL BE BLESSED. Even if people fail me, systems fail me, friends fail me, leaders fail me…..I CAN NOT FAIL because I live under the covenant (promise) that I am THE HEAD AND NOT THE TAIL, above only and never beneath….. (More on this: http://www.josephprince.com/2013/12/the-head-and-not-the-tail-3)


ACTIONS#3…ACTIONS.   Consistency is probably one of the most important ingredients to living a blessed life where people LOVE, LIKE and TRUST you. Many have judged me based on my appearance and confidence. Some have said, “She can’t be THAT honest, trustworthy, or good.” My response beneath my breath is “Time will tell.” Consistency in your actions, your daily methods of operation, your faith, your friendships and your word will give you a trust-ability factor that increase the power of your magnetism. Words, without consistent action, and fruit (results), is nothing but HYPE! People want leadership they can follow AND TRUST. Let your words be few and your ACTIONS BE LOUD. (Titus 1:15-16) Don’t be the guy or girl that makes promises you can’t keep. One of my father’s life mantras was to be, “Low profile…HIGH IMPACT”. What he meant was that his efforts were going to no longer be in trying to be “somebody”, but instead, he was going to live to serve, live to give, live to leave a MONUMENTAL imprint on this earth. And boy oh boy did he ever.

So today, don’t assume success is beyond your reach RIGHT NOW. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED to change this world. BE the leader you want to follow. Let God’s unshakable Word rise up inside of you and launch into 2014 with an intentional focus on upping your game in these three areas: BELIEF, WORDS AND ACTIONS.

Like my friend Zig Ziglar always said, “Do this and I’ll see you at the top!”


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Stephen Baldwin Switches To The Solavei Affordable Mobile Plan


Multiple superstars and athletes are switching their families to Solavei and now Stephen Baldwin switches to the Solavei Affordable Mobile Plan.

Recently I had the privilege of being on a call with actor, producer and radio host, Stephen Baldwin, talking about Solavei and how it going to change the lives of many. What I loved about Stephen’s excitement was that he understands the habits and spending patterns of the average American and that Solavei’s unique value proposition is going to change the lives of many. Watch this video to see his heart-felt excitement for Solavei as he discusses the benefits of our Social Commerce Network.

Fishing For New Business

Staci Wallace, Solavei Social Executive, takes the audience on a fishing adventure.

Staci Wallace, Solavei Social Executive, takes the Dallas Regional Audience on a fishing adventure.

Are you looking for ways to increase the size of your business or expand the reach of your personal brand?  Maybe it’s time you go fishing for new business and try a few new techniques.

When my Solavei Network grew to tens of thousands of members in only 4 months after the launch of Solavei, I began to take note of the techniques and daily methods that were working for our team that others just couldn’t believe such simplicity was the key.  Now, after 9 months of continual growth as the #1 team in Solavei, I realize a few things that have set apart good leaders from GREAT leaders throughout our networks.

In this video, I take the simple things I do EVERYDAY and put them into the language of something I absolutely LOVE to do….FISHING.

In this video, I go fishing with Superstar Crappie Expert, Wally Marshall, aka: Mr. Crappie and together, we give you practical tips about fishing that you can apply to your business and life!

Sit back and block out 56 minutes for this one. I guarantee you will learn something new!


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More Tips on Life Balance

Staci Wallace, Solavei Social Executive, shares tips on how to gain better work life balance.

If you saw yesterday’s video, then you know that life balance is a topic that I am questioned about daily as I lead tens of thousands of people, while strategically giving my BEST time to my family.  Here are a few more tips to help you regain the balance you need to thrive at work and LIFE.

Is it possible to maintain life balance in love, life AND LEADERSHIP?

1.    Eliminate procrastination on things you know should be done immediately.

2.    Don’t waist time on senseless television that steals valuable family time and productivity.

3.    Turn off your computer and take a walk. Will the world end if you put that extra email off till tomorrow?

4.    Exercise daily!

5.    Give your best attention to the things that matter most in life verses the things that seem most urgent.

6.    Get up off the couch and do something productive.

7.     Remove yourself from toxic, time-consuming relationships that drain your energy and productivity.

8.    Exit out of Facebook when you are NOT using it for the task at hand.  Turn off the temptation.

9.    Maintain an organized work space at home and office.

10.  Learn the power of the word, “No”. Stop trying to win the approval of others by always saying “yes”.

11.   Get better rest and let your body heal, restore, and regroup every night.

12.   Don’t be an energy demander, spending time on pointless complaining. Be an energy producer and watch how you attract new friends, new ideas and greater success!
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