Maintain Life Balance With A Busy Schedule

With over 60,000 members in my Solavei Social Commerce Network and a growing vision of global expansion, I am often asked, “Staci, how do you do it?  How do you maintain life balance with such a busy schedule?”

Watch this video and I will show you 3 of my most valuable Life Balance tips:

Winning at work while still thriving in your relationships, health, and life is not only a mission possible, but it is simple when you prune out the excess and allow your time to be maximized daily. 

Here are the 3 tips I cover in the video on how to maintain life balance.

Never let what is good become robber of what is best in your life.

Never let what is good become robber of what is best in your life.


1.  Keep the main thing the main thing. (See video)

2.  Never let what is “good” become robber to what is “best”.

3.  Live a core values driven life and priorize your time according to what matters most NOT what seems most urgent.

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De-clutter Your Space, De-clutter Your Life

De-cluttering your home, office and life have the potential to radically improve your productivity at work, home and in relationships. From kitchen counter tops to a messy desk and even a junk filled car – your “space” is a reflection of your life. Show me a person’s car, for example, and I can tell you a lot about their thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

It’s hard to believe, but our environments reflect our inner space and give a glimpse into our souls. When Sanya came to our organization looking to lose weight and demolish over $30,000 in credit card debt, I asked her if she would take me to her car. She looked at me perplexed and yet walked me to her vehicle. As she opened the car door, a can fell out of a messy, trash-filled car full of old papers, shoes, food bags, and wrappers. I had seen enough and kindly asked her to follow me inside.

Sure enough, as we unraveled her emotional, physical, and spiritual “issues” it was clear that her car was a mere symptom of a deeper need for transformation, self-respect and self-discipline. Sanya weighed 373 pounds and was desperately seeking change. Good news is that after only one year, Sanya lost over 85 pounds and demolished $30,000 in debt to go on to live a thriving life of balance and peace.

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What A Joy To Be A Part Of The Next Revolution Of Wellness!

Many of you know that I have stepped into a role of monumental impact with FirstFitness Nutrition.  As the Vice President of Corporate Development, it is such a joy to use my 22 years of experience in this industry to bring a fresh perspective to a new generation of health seekers. Today’s NEW health care system is PREVENTION. At FirstFitness Nutrition I am thrilled to be a part of a dynamic team of doctors, scientists, nutritionists and life coaches that recognize the power of synergy in each of our fields to create a WHOLE life approach to wellness. By bridging the power of scientific discoveries and supplementation, with what I have so passionately taught in the field of inner transformation and spiritual healing, we are seeing lives changed like never before.

And now…….I am overjoyed to share with you 8Rx, the MOST POWERFUL nutraceutical formula for optimal wellness protection. This one product has the potential to change our national statistics.  Watch the video and then check out the details of how this product could radically impact your family and life!

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In Memory Of My Dad

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“There’s Got To Be A Pony In Here Somewhere”

Have you ever faced a storm in life that left you feeling like God had somehow forgotten you? Have you been faced with circumstances that you wonder if you’ll survive? Your life, your brand, your imprint upon this world rests on how you handle each storm that passes. Consider this: Life is 10% about what happens to you and 90% how your react to it. PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING!!!! Watch this video!

Bend And Don’t Break

Recently, I received a call from a dear friend that said, “Staci, my precious, darling, seemingly perfect daughter (17 months old) has become a whiny, strong-willed, child that throws temper tantrums in the grocery store! I’ve told her ‘no’ and used every “Super Nanny” trick in the book, but it hasn’t helped. I feel like I am about to snap under the pressure.”

Have you ever faced adversity that sends you spiraling and wondering if you can ever bounce back? Have you ever faced a season of life that challenges your patience and ability to “keep your cool”?

When I listened to this desperate mommy, part of me wanted to chuckle, remembering those wearing and challenging days when my kids, too, were developing their will and testing their personal boundaries. Life seemed unpredictable and offered so many curve balls when I least expected it.

I specifically remember being at the grocery store when my precious son decided to throw his first tantrum. I told him he could not have the candy he felt he so desperately needed, and he threw his body down as if he had been hit by a torpedo and proceeded to pound the floor — wailing incessantly.

I’ll be honest…..there was a part of me that just wanted to walk away and act as if he belonged to the lady behind me. Another part wanted to look at him and say, “Who are you and what have you done with my precious little boy?” I was embarrassed, upset, and ready to call the 1-800-moms help line!

It was around that time that I became extremely interested in the study of neuroscience – the study of how God created our brains, how they develop, and how we have been given the power to change our actions and reactions at any course in life, no matter how long we have been conditioned.

Bend and don't break!Instead of getting stressed by the storms of life, whether they be a crying child or a ranting boss, BEND AND DON’T BREAK. I know that in the middle of a “grocery story” crisis or during “on the job” stress, it can be pretty difficult to be flexible, but, trust me….even those times of pressure serve a bigger purpose for your development…and theirs..

As I listened to this first time mommy in distress telling me about her daughter, I realized it was time for her to learn to the art of “bending” in the midst of adversity. Doing so would be a vital key to turning stress into an opportunity for sweet growth.

Here are three little tips you can use today to turn your stress around. (Note: Did you know that stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS? Hmmmm.)

1. SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE - Begin to seek the blessing in the midst of the drama.

When I was a child, I was a very vocal SCREAMER! My mother tried everything to get me to use my “inside voice” to no avail. Then one day, she decided to seize the day and teach me to use that screaming voice to hit high pitches. Little did she know that a few years later I would be singing on stage before millions with a 5 1/2 octave voice. Sometimes the very things we try to escape are not fighting against our destiny, but fighting for it!

2. BELIEVE THE BEST – Choose to believe the BEST in others even when their worst is displayed. Speak words of hope, affirmation, encouragement, love, support, and kindness. Instead of getting bitter, get better! Don’t let the emotions of the moment cause you to demean others by speaking words of anger, negativity, or defeat. Those things you say today will be apparent in attitudes you see in them tomorrow! Sow words of affirmation and love!

3. BEND AND DON’T BREAK! Recently I heard Pastor Danny Chambers, Oasis Church, Nashville, TN speak about the importance of being flexible in adversity. He explained how the palm tree is known as one of the most resilient trees in the world because of its ability to bend in the midst of great adversity, and yet, not break. Faced by hurricane force winds, a palm tree can take an onslaught of opposition, and yet, bend with the wind and bounce back even stronger.

When faced with incredible opposition, whether it is emotional stress, physical pain, relational challenges, or even a child expressing his will,BEND AND DON’T BREAK! Your ability to ride out this season will determine the results you see in the aftermath of the storm.

Take it from a mom and leader who has faced her own seasons of great adversity. This, too, will pass and if you don’t let it break you down, it will build you UP!

After all, this is just a season that will soon pass, and like me, you’ll look back on these times and be thankful for your ability to cope, bend, and be a strong and loving leader and mentor to those who you love the most.

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Love it or not, social media’s here to stay

Have you read “Crush It” by Garay Vaynerchuk. Great book for social media beginners. Watch his video for more social media buzz……

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times bestselling author and American businessman who eschewed the traditional media tools he had relied on when building his retail wine store, turning instead to the social web. Gary’s first business book, entitled Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion, was released in the Fall of 2009 and debuted as a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. In this clip, Gary discusses why we create social boundaries for ourselves when adopting new trends, specifically social media.

via the video at this link: Love it or hate it, social media’s here to stay.


Sitting at my dining room table at 1 a.m., my husband walked in the door after taking our dog out for a walk. He seemed shaken and was breathing heavily so I asked if everything was alright. “You will never believe what just happened.” he said anxiously. “I was just outside walking the dog and I saw this man dressed in black walking a dog up the street. I didn’t want the two dogs to see each other and bark so I just stood still. The guy must have noticed me and he stopped too. It was a little odd because he was dressed in black from top to bottom. I wanted to get closer so I took a few steps forward and so did the man. I was starting to get really freaked out, but wanted to know who the guy was so I picked up the dog and moved toward him. I started to run and so did the man, and as my heart was pounding like a bass drum, I realized….I was running after my own shadow! It wasn’t another man. IT WAS ME AND MY SHADOW!”

As Larry told me this story, I fell over laughing. He was TOTALLY “freaked out” over his own shadow!

What is FEAR? False Expectations Appearing Real. How many times in life do we spend precious hours fearing things we think “might happen”? Instead of living with a peace at all times, we worry over our bills, our health, and even our future. Why waste another moment worrying about your life? Will your worry help you add anything to your results? NO! In fact, worry has been scientifically linked to decreased immunity, ill health, and decreased vitality.

Instead, take time to meditate on those things which are good, lovely, and of a good report. Your thoughts are powerful. Use them wisely!

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