Adversity – Tension is Your Friend


Adversity – Tension is your friend

Using Adversity To Create Greater Trajectory


Have you ever faced a circumstance or season that seems to be causing tension in your life?  As you probably know, I love to fish and hunt and it didn’t take me long to learn that the tension of a bow or fishing line is extremely VALUABLE in the art of targeting your goal or reeling in your catch.  To see my complete “Gone Fishing” training, go to: and download it today.

In the same way as tension is an asset in creating trajectory, so is ADVERSITY.  So many times in life we try to avoid adversity instead of recognizing it as a potential blessing in disguise.

Watch this week’s Warrior DNA training and learn how to allow adversity to stretch you enough to create greater TRAJECTORY for your future! God has great plans for you. Let Him finish his work!


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Hi Staci, I was listening to you today! Miss you!!!

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