7 Time Management Hacks You MUST Have!


None of us get more than 24 hours in a day.  So how is it that some people seem to have lived multiple lives in a short period of time?  How do so many top leaders seem to get more done in a week than most people do in a month?  Check out these 7 Time Management Hacks that every entrepreneur must have and begin applying them today!

  1. Eat Your Peas First!

    DESCRIPTION:  These are the things you like the least!
    STRATEGY:  Do them FIRST! Get them out of the way, so your schedule has a happy ending each day!

  2. Avoid The Abyss

    DESCRIPTION:  These are the NOT Important, NOT urgent distractions that waste your time.
    STRATEGY:  AVOID these!   (Time Allotment:  30 minutes tops.)

  3. Delegate Interruptions

    DESCRIPTION:  These are the URGENT but NOT important things.  They are interruptions.
    STRATEGY:  Delegate these!   (Time Allotment:  1 hour tops)

  4. Manage Crisis

    DESCRIPTION:  These URGENT AND IMPORTANT challenges, deadlines or emergencies that arise.
    STRATEGY:  Just Do It!    (Time Allotment:  1 hour tops)

  5. Plan for PEACE (Pace = Peace)

    DESCRIPTION:  The peace zone. This is life in which you give priority to your core values and make matter most in your schedule that which matters most to YOU and God.  To master this quadrant, you must learn that: PRACTICE PRECEDES PEAK PERFORMANCE, AND PREPARATION PROMOTES PEACEFUL PROGRESS.
    STRATEGY:  Plan for these things and make them a priority!    (Time Allotment:  Your majority)

  6. Chunk Your Goals

    DESCRIPTION:  Break down your long-term goals into daily actions.
    STRATEGY:  Use the worksheets provided from my SHIFT HAPPENS LIFE MASTERY COURSE which will be released in June!


  7. Start Early – Sleep Often

    DESCRIPTION:  Use your time wisely.  We are all only given 24 hours in a day so we must use it wisely.
    STRATEGY:  Schedule your “consistent” early morning activities and go to bed early enough to get 6-8 hours of sleep.  (Time Allotment:  6-8 hours)

Creating a daily plan of action and forcing “others” to fit in your plan will enable you to get more done, live a more peace-centered life and be on purpose, knowing you are making the most of every moment!


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